Favorite Things

Bit by bit, I’m adding links here to some of my favorite things – keep checking back! (Last updated: 5 February 2016)


Blog junkie, party of one. I mostly love “lifestyle” blogs, I supposed they’re called – where people actually talk about their real lives. Like I do here. But I like some others too. These are my favorites.

  • Barking Dog Shoes (for people with broken feet who love cute shoes)
  • The Bloggess (if you don’t already know the Bloggess, get on that shizz already)
  • Cake Wrecks (hilarious, real-life cake orders with terrible spelling and/or design)
  • Charlottesville 29 (great local food/restaurant blog for keeping up with new food places opening and the best dishes around town)
  • Chicken Wire and Paper Flowers (personal blog from my friend Becky about her family and life with lots of recipes and crafting info)
  • Counting Chickens (personal blog about a lovely lady here in my town and her life with her wife and daughter)
  • Fatuous Observations (another personal blog from another great woman in my town with lots of emphasis on books and snark – right up my alley)
  • Joshilyn Jackson’s blog (used to be called Faster than Kudzu; no longer seems to have a name)
  • Mrs. Kendall (personal blog from someone I don’t know at all but love reading about and her life with her family, her part-time volunteer library work at her kids’ school, their animals, and – again – books)
  • Noob Mommy (mommy blog with loads of snark)
  • Woulda Coulda Shoulda (yet another personal blog from someone I don’t know but someone I think I’d be great friends with if I did know her)


I love to listen to audiobooks, but I also adore podcasts, and I have a fair number of them that I listen to regularly.


Have I mentioned I’m a bit of a nerd?  I read some comic books.  I also read some comics published on the web.  Below is a list of the ones I love passionately and never miss.

Other Internet Loves and Time Wasters

I spend a fair bit of time on the internet.  My husband might say I’m an addict.  It’s possible.  Regardless, here are some things I love on the internet.

  • Twitter – by far my favorite social network
  • Book Riot (a beautiful, wonderful book media website; see also their sister site for comics, Panels)
  • Feedly – my RSS reader of choice since Google shut down Google Reader
  • Gmail – my email site of choice, which I have decorated in a NINJA theme and which collects and keeps all of my email from several different accounts (and lets me send from all those accounts, too)
  • Goodreads – a social network/book review site

Other Stuff

Well, this stuff doesn’t fit neatly into the other categories, and I don’t want to make categories with just one or two things, so here are my other random beloved things.

  • All books by Joshilyn Jackson, particularly Between, Georgia
  • Mystery novels, but even better are the ones that aren’t so formulaic (see Denise Mina, Kate Atkinson, Carol Goodman, Stieg Larsson, Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett…)
  • Danskos (so excellent for we broken-footed people)
  • Enell sports bras (so supportive for we large-chested women)
  • Dia&Co online styling service for plus-sized ladies
  • Getting Things Done (productivity system for work/home/everything by David Allen)
  • ToDoist (I am absolutely and completely reliant on this to organize my life and my GTD system)
  • AdBlock for Chrome (blocks stupid Facebook ads; I enable ads on my friends’ webpages so they get the revenue, but Facebook and other big corporate pages get blocked blocked blocked)
  • Penalty Blox for Chrome (so friggin’ handy for blocking promoted tweets and annoying tweet chats or live tweets, or even temporarily hiding a person from your Twitter timeline because it’s easy to unhide them again – this makes the Twitter web app so much better)