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Holiday Gift Guide: New Parents (or parents-to-be) and Babies (up to 1 year)

Lord but I’m having some trouble finding both my creative mojo and time to exercise it to write blog posts. In the shower a couple weeks ago, though, I started reflecting on all the stuff we’ve found useful and/or entertaining over the course of the last year, and I thought, Hey! That might actually make a… Continue reading Holiday Gift Guide: New Parents (or parents-to-be) and Babies (up to 1 year)

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My Adventures in Baby Feeding

So, apparently August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month. Which, I agree with Pregnant Chicken, is totally a weird name – surely, everyone is aware of breastfeeding. But I get the point, that it’s to promote knowledge about the benefits of and not-obscene-ness of breastfeeding, which is good. But I think it’s also good to just celebrate… Continue reading My Adventures in Baby Feeding

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My First Mother’s Day Gift

I promise this is not going to totally turn into a pregnancy blog, but…today’s post is definitely related. And it’s definitely girly. Gentlemen, unless you really like all-natural and organic skin care products, you might want to skip this one. So, last weekend I had the surreal experience of receiving a Mother’s Day gift…from my… Continue reading My First Mother’s Day Gift

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2011’s Gifts to Myself – Revisited

At the beginning of 2011, I promised myself three gifts during the year: The gift of ever-improving health.  Hey, I did good for half the year last year.  Let’s see if I can outlast 6 straight months in 2011.  I want to regularly exercise (3 times or more per week) and eat well (track my… Continue reading 2011’s Gifts to Myself – Revisited