If you know me, or if you’ve read this blog or my previous blog for, oh I don’t know, one post or more, you probably know that I have a bookworm.  An absolute addict.  Have been since I was a child – I was the kid hiding in my closet reading, hoping my mom wouldn’t find me and send me out to play.  I was the kid hiding a library book under my desk in school reading during math class.  I was an English major purely and simply because of my love of a good story.

I am a member of Goodreads, and though I often don’t have time to actually write reviews, I do keep track of what I am reading/have read there and I rate everything on the 5-star system there.  Friend me if you want:  For the curious, I’m listing on the sidebar two VodPod “video” widgets of my Currently Reading and Read lists – click on the list for a pop-up that shows you the titles and ratings (on the read ones) more clearly.  I tried about 500 different ways to embed a widget here on the page so as not to clutter my sidebar, but nothing I could find would work to do it in a post, just on the sidebar.  Anyway.  Look to the bottom right for my current lists!