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Dia&Co Box – February 2016

Hello! LONG TIME NO SEE! I have not posted to the blog in…just over 2 years. You probably thought I gave it up, huh? And mostly, I have – life has been so busy, writing blog posts was about the last thing I was able to think about. I have written two draft posts that I never published in the last 2 years (one which I might post some day, and one which I probably will not). But now I have something fun to post about, so…here we go!

I am sure most people have heard of Stitchfix, the online styling service where you order a box of clothes whenever you’d like and a stylist picks out clothes that should flatter your body shape and your style. You keep what you like, send back what you don’t, and then just order another box whenever you’re ready for a wardrobe fix – fabulous idea! I have been wanting to try it FOREVER, but…they only run to size 14. I’m several sizes bigger than that, and despite the fact that curvy ladies have been asking for expanded sizes from them basically since they started, they seem to be dragging their feet on it. And then a few weeks ago, I saw an ad for Dia&Co. They promised the same thing – a order-it-when-you-want-it online styling service, but targeted specifically at plus sizes. And I kind of lost my mind, because I was so excited. There has been Gwynnie Bee for a few years, but GB is a rental service (though you can buy the clothes if you love them), plus you have to choose your own clothes and add them to a sort of Netflix-like clothing queue (at least half my problem is I don’t know what clothes to pick – I need someone to do that for me), plus it’s a monthly subscription service that starts at $30/month and goes higher if you want more than one piece of clothing at a time (I don’t want to be locked into a monthly fee). Sooooo…I ordered a Dia&Co box, almost immediately. And today, it finally arrived. And I want to tell you about it and also have you help me decide what to keep!

First, the basics of how it worked: I signed up for an account, and then had to fill in my style profile. This meant giving my sizes, what parts of my body I like and don’t like to show off, what colors I like to wear, how much I like to spend on different items of clothing, etc. There are quite a few questions! And then there’s a comment box at the end where you can tell your stylist if you’re looking for something in particular. I didn’t fill that in because this time, I really just wanted to see what they sent me without prompting. When you order a box, they charge you a $20 styling fee – but if you keep even one thing from your box of five items, they apply that $20 to your total purchase. So if you hate all five things they send you, you’ll be out $20, but if you like even one thing, then there’s no money wasted. If you love all five things they send you and decide to keep them all, you get a 20% discount on your purchase of the entire box. You get five days after your box arrives to decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back, and they have a nice online form for you to give feedback on everything (like “Right size, didn’t like the color” or “Liked it, but too expensive”).

On to my first box. First, I opened the box, read the note from my stylist (who gave suggestions on how to pair the items with each other), and looked over the list of items and prices quickly.

2016-02-03 at 18.31.31

Then I unpacked all of the items and laid them out to look at them.

2016-02-03 at 18.34.16

Then it was time to try them on – and have my husband help with the photos!

Taylor Mixed Media Fit & Flare Dress – $138

2016-02-03 at 18.34.33 IMG_0420 IMG_0421

I sort of liked this one. It was very comfortable and felt well-made, and I don’t think it looks bad on me. But I don’t love the mix of the two patterns, and for $138, I had better love a dress. I think this one is going back.

Fashion to Figure Split Back Top – $32.90

2016-02-03 at 18.35.35 IMG_0418 IMG_0419

I was hoping I would like this, but sadly, I think it looks awful on me. My belly sticks out very obviously – the shapelessness of it just doesn’t do anything for me. This is definitely going back.

Modamix Motorcycle Jacket – $124

2016-02-03 at 18.34.23 IMG_0422 IMG_0424

I once had a faux leather Euro biker jacket from Target that I ADORED. I felt good in it, and I probably wore it too long after it didn’t really fit well anymore, but I eventually had to admit it was time to give it up. I have missed it ever since. So this jacket – which fits so well and is so soft and comfy – has made me very, very happy. That said, I am not sure about the price tag. It’s not that high for a coat, I suppose, but it’s still over $100…but I really like it. I’m still undecided, but leaning toward keeping this.

Jessica Simpson Skinny Jeggings – $69

2016-02-03 at 18.34.47 IMG_0423

(See the front view above in the pics for the split back top and the motorcycle jacket.) These are thick, with a button and zipper – they’re really skinny jeans with more Lycra than usual than what I’d think of as leggings or jeggings. And I never thought I’d like myself in skinny jeans, but I actually kind of like these on me. Don’t love, but like. That said…they’re nearly $70. That’s a lot more than I like to spend on a pair of jeans. But I also need another pair of jeans right now – I’m down to just one pair. I’m really and truly undecided on these.

Beth Necklace, Black & Gold – $25

2016-02-03 at 18.35.01

(See pictured above with the dress, the split back top, and the motorcycle jacket.) This doesn’t do much for me. I like it best with the dress, but I don’t wear a lot of gold and I’m not sold on it. It is different than any other jewelry I have, which is not necessarily a bad thing – I probably need to add a long necklace to my jewelry box. I’m just not sure it should be THIS long necklace. Leaning toward sending this back.

And so that is my first Dia&Co box! What do you think? Do you agree with my thoughts on the clothes I got (at least how they look on me)? WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THOSE JEGGINGS??? And do you want to try it out? If you do – here’s my referral link (all of the Dia&Co links on this page are my referral link). If you do try it – let me know how it goes for you! Post a blog yourself or just tell me! I’d love to hear about other people’s experiences!

EDIT: Based on input from family and friends, and from trying the jeggings on again with several different tops, I have decided to keep them. So! Final decision: Keeping jeggings and jacket; sending the rest back.


One thought on “Dia&Co Box – February 2016

  1. Definitely keep the jacket.
    I liked the split back shirt, maybe in a different color.
    The leggings looked good, but I agree they are pricey.

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