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The Real, Actual First Mother’s Day

Me and my petunia on my first Mother's Day
Me and my petunia on my first Mother’s Day

Yesterday was my first real Mother’s Day, with a live actual child outside of my body. My day was composed of:

  • Sleeping in an extra hour and a half while Dave got up and fed the baby a bottle of pumped milk
  • Eating a delicious breakfast made for me by my husband
  • Being on a local radio talk show as part of a panel of mothers for their Mother’s Day show
  • Seeing my mom and dad as they brought a load of furniture up from my hometown to populate our new house
  • Doing some unpacking and rearranging in the house
  • Taking a trip to Lowe’s for some items we need now and some price and style checks on other items we’re planning to get for the house in the coming year or years
  • Eating pizza and chocolate ice cream and drinking a beer for dinner
  • Gluing back together some pieces of 200+-year-old furniture on which the wood glue had finally fallen apart
  • Watching 2 episodes of Doctor Who
  • Folding laundry
  • Writing my first blog post in almost a year to the day

All in all, a pretty satisfying day. Plenty more to catch you up on – it’s been rather a busy year, as you may have surmised – but I’ve missed writing. I may not do it so regularly anymore – at least not at first – but I’ll write when I can. First up will likely be some catch-up posts!


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