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Stopping by to Say Howdy and Share a Little Something

Hello, world. It’s me, stopping by to say hello. I’ve apparently been gone so long that WordPress has completely changed the interface for posting things in the back end. I’m gonna have to figure out how to do all the slightly more complex stuff all over again, because those options seem to have disappeared. Hmph. [Edit: oh, never mind – figured out how to get back to the regular posting interface.]

Anyway, HI! How have you been? Did you miss me? I’m not sure if I’m quite ready to be back full time again yet, but hopefully more often than lately. I needed a break. Some time to burrow down into my own head. Some time to sleep and chill out and not think too hard. Coming up with things to blog about was hard, life was getting busy, so I stopped.

But now I have something to say. Something to tell you. Something that might explain my recent bout of brain exhaustion. Because you guys…I’m pregnant. Knocked up. With child. Hi! I’m gonna have a baby!

Okay – time for all the standard questions:

  • Due date: mid to late October – we’ve had 3 different dates so far, so that’s as good as I think I can get.
  • Are we happy? Well, duh. We’ve been married almost 7 years. This wasn’t an accident. So yeah, happy. 🙂
  • Are the families happy? That might be an understatement. This will be Dave’s parents first grandchild, and my only niece is 8, so it’s been a while for my folks too.
  • How am I feeling? Oh, it varies day to day. I’ve had some nausea. And vomiting (though thankfully not much of that). I have an Rx for nausea meds because it was interfering with things like, oh, getting up and going to work. I think – hope – it’s getting a little better, but I still have bad days sometimes. I’ve been exhausted, of course – that goes with the territory. I’ve had some of the other typical symptoms too – food aversions, super-sniffer (complete with smell aversions), etc. – no need to bore you with the details.
  • How far along are you? Well, by the most recent due date, I should be 14 weeks today.
  • How’s the baby? So far as we know, all’s well. Good heartbeat, first ultrasound was wiggly and good. As far as we know now, baby is happy and healthy.
  • Boy or girl? A little too early for that yet – we’ll find out late May or early June. And yes, we’re definitely going to find out.

And I think that does it for the usual questions we’ve heard so far. Let me know if you’ve got another in the comments. As for me…I’m writing this on Monday night, and as usual, I’m about done in. Talk to you guys again soon, I hope!


18 thoughts on “Stopping by to Say Howdy and Share a Little Something

  1. Congrats! Glad to hear the smart people are contributing to the future. Get ‘The New Basics’ by Dr. Michel Cohen. DON’T get ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting.’ It’s panic-inducing. Also, I can already tell from yr due date that we’ve got a winner on our hands.

    1. I have the Mayo Clinic guide, which I chose instead of What to Expect. And I so haven’t read it all the way through. It’s kind of boring. Other books are WAY more interesting. I’ve got plenty of time, right?! As to the due date, Dave’s bday is Oct. 14. Mine is 3 weeks later, Nov. 5. No matter where the kid falls between the two, we will now be crazy-birthday-trio.

  2. Yay, you’re back!
    I read What to expect, but skipped the whole part about actually giving birth. In fact, I skipped that part in every book and even in childbirth classes.
    I loved Girlfriend’s Guide though. She nailed a few things, especially the part about waddling.

    1. Why did you skip all that? Didn’t you want to know ahead of time?! I’ve been recommended the Girlfriend’s Guide a few times and just haven’t picked it up. I have 6-8 books given to me by friends that I haven’t even touched, and the one I bought for myself (the Mayo Clinic guide) I’m not even halfway through because…it’s kind of boring. I’d rather being reading a novel.

      1. Because I just did not want to know. I wanted to either A) be completely out like they used to do it or B) have a C-section right up until it was time to push. I was in total denial about how that kid was coming out until she actually came out. In the end, there was no time for drugs. I ended up with completely natural childbirth despite my wishes.

  3. YAY! Congratulations. I also skipped all the info on what actually happens at the birth. I did go to a birth class, to find out what meds I could expect, but refused to watch the video… and politely walk away from EVERYONE that wants to tell you their horror stories (I’m not sure why people feel that you need to know all the bad things that happened to them, it’s a weird thing that I never got used to). I assumed that every one at the hospital knew what to do and they would get me through it… and they did. Of course if you are planning to do this at home or something well, then you probably should know what to do too. 🙂 You all will be GREAT parents!!

    1. Oh, Summer – you’re funny. No, I’m not the home birth sort, though I am pretty excited that there’s a big tub in every labor & delivery room in the hospital 🙂 I haven’t gotten much further than that in “planning” the birth (as though one can actually plan for such a thing), but I do know I plan to be in the hospital. Thanks for the congrats (and the vote of confidence)!

  4. Congratulations to all three of you!!
    Since this has also turned into a book recommendation party, may I suggest Operating Instructions by Anne Lamott? As entertaining as any novel, and she (and her 19 y o son) have just written the sequel about his son.

  5. Congratulations, Jen! Hoping everything goes as smoothly as possible and that you have joy and love and good health at each stage of the journey.

  6. Congrats to you and David. No experience to share but praying for an easy and safe birth for you. Excited to have first grand niece or grand nephew. Miss you and love you. And, if you happen to want to have an early (but healthy) child, my birthday is September 28. 😉

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