Things That Make My Day

Perfect Moments

I’ve been pretty cranky this past week, but I’m trying not to focus on the crabbiness. I’d like instead to celebrate a few small perfect moments from the past week or so.

  • “Popcorn reading” (i.e., taking turns reading aloud) the first Harry Potter book with my niece and husband – the first time reading the story for both of them.
  • Making the winning brownies to take to a Super Bowl party – the entire 9×13 pan was almost gone by the end of the night.
  • Opening a big box delivered this week as a Valentine’s Day gift from Dave’s parents…and realizing shortly after I’d cut open the top of the box that they sent us a giant box of Biscoff spread (after reading our tweets about loving it but lamenting that it’s too expensive to buy very often).
  • Finding a picture of an exceptionally ridiculous wedding dress and sharing it with a friend because I knew she’d want to blog about it.
  • Stroking the cheek of a friend’s 3-day-old crying baby and feeling how soft it was, and loving how that seemed to comfort her a bit because she got quiet again for a few minutes.
  • Singing at the top of my lungs with my husband to some of our favorite songs driving home from Richmond in the middle of the night after a party.
  • Being able to help three different friends with three different internet problems – all over Twitter.
  • Walking the doglets and letting them off-leash for a bit, and seeing them romp and run and revel in their freedom.

How about you? Did you have any wonderful, perfect moments this week?


3 thoughts on “Perfect Moments

  1. No matter how cranky you may have been this past week, you’ve written a beautiful post now. Thank you for sharing your perfect moments.
    Here’s a recent one for me: a testy conversation between teen and parent, turned around so completely by a quick one-liner that the teen rolled on the floor laughing. Said one liner may soon make it to a custom tee shirt. Only those two (and me, watching) will get the joke, but who cares.

  2. Last Wednesday, as I got to school for Girl Scouts, I realized I had forgotten Edie’s piano books for her lesson (also at school) following a short time later. Normally I wouldn’t mind running home and grabbing them in the hour inbetween, but I had arranged to meet the ‘egg lady’ in that time, which meant driving over to Old Ivy Road and meeting her….I suddenly envisioned an hour of nothing but driving all over town and getting stuck in traffic. Ugh. I also realized Edie had probably NOT done her written piano work, so that needed to be crammed into that hour. Well, 45 minutes really, by the time everyone gets picked up and I finish talking to all the parents, it’s 4:15. When I saw Edie and told her what was up, she hugged me, smiled and told me, “It’ll be fine Mom”.

    And it was, but that hug and complete vote of confidence made my day.

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