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Random Stuff and Nonsense and Whatnot

I’m feeling unbloggily motivated these days. I need to get my writing mojo back. You may see me following prompts from other blogs and such in the coming weeks while I try to get the juices flowing. In the meantime, I’m feeling guilty that I haven’t updated here, so I felt the need to write a bit to shake out the random bits and pieces rattling around in my brain. For the disorganized flotsam of ideas you’re about to read, you’re welcome.

Salty caramel ice cream. Photo courtesy of Jeni's Ice Creams (, whose ice cream is delicious and also who wrote our ice cream recipe book.

Life since the holidays has, in large part, revolved around our new ice cream maker. We have used it every week. We made a cranberry sorbet (which was amazing both solo and in champagne on NYE), a salty caramel ice cream (BEST. THING. EVER. especially when we added ground honey cinnamon almonds on top), and most recently, a bourbon buttered pecan ice cream (booze + ice cream – need I say more?). We love it. We love trying out recipes, mentally noting our favorites, etc. I don’t really like the dishes that are left after using it, but we’re getting gourmet ice cream for a fraction of the cost of crappy ice cream at the grocery store, and we’re having fun doing it. Plus it’s healthier, I’m sure, because we know exactly what’s going into our ice cream, and I can tell you there are no artificial chemicals or preservatives. I’d call that a win.

I am still running. And walking. My knee started bugging me right at the beginning of the year, so I’ve purchased a band that helps support the tendon in your knee that holds your kneecap in place, since apparently that’s one of the most common knee problems among runners. I just got it last week, so it’s too soon to tell if it will help or not. If not, I suppose I’ll need to go to the doctor to figure it out before I damage myself badly or permanently. But I am still running – the last run I did was for 28 minutes straight. It sucked. I’m slow (no, really slow – I’ve seen other runners complain about how they “only” run 10-minute miles…ha! I wish I could run a 10-minute mile!). But I’m doing it. And I’ve been promised it will get better. I have not gotten on the strength training bandwagon yet, though. I want to…but obviously not enough to actually do it. I will…I just don’t know when yet, exactly.

This is the time of year when I’m always tired. It’s the long drudge before the next holiday. It’s the darkness when I wake up and before I leave work. It’s the cold. It’s the busyness at work (we’re pretty solid busy from January through April in any given year, and this year it will be all year long, I think). The tired and the cold and the dark do not make it easy to get up a half-hour early to go running two days a week.

Pinterest logo, courtesy of Pinterest

I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest. A few weeks ago, I got a cold, and since I was only scheduled to be in the office one day that week anyway, I stayed home sick so as not to share my germs with my co-workers. I felt cold-ish, but not awful – I didn’t want to be in bed all day. So I asked friends for an invite to this new sharing/bookmarking/fun with pictures site I’d seen others on, Pinterest. I played with it a bit that day. And since…well, I love it. I think it’s part of my non-bloggery problem. I’d rather peruse random people’s pins on Pinterest than write at the moment. It’s what I do while the TV is on at night. If you’d like to follow my pins for some reason, here’s my profile. If you want an invite, let me know in the comments – I don’t know how many invites I get, but I’ve only used one so far. But I’ll warn you – it’s a time-suck. A beautiful, fun, interesting time-suck.

The Liebster Award. I have no idea who designed it - I wish I did so I could give them credit, but I don't have time to do that level of research.

Finally, I’ve had a bloggish award conveyed on me for some reason I don’t understand, but am grateful for. The Coastal Living Mom gave me a Liebster Award. These sorts of things in the blog world are sort of like chain letters, but are intended to tell other bloggers you like them and send them a little traffic as a thank-you. I have no idea how TLCMom even found my blog, but hey, I’ll take it! The deal is supposed to be, for this particular award, that it’s given to small blogs (traffic of 200 or fewer followers). You’re supposed to thank your award-giver (thanks, TLCMom!), link back to their blog (done above), pick 5 more blogs to get the award, tell them by commenting on their blogs, and then posting links to their blogs on your blog. I have mixed feelings about that last part. On the one hand, I would love to send some traffic to my favorite small blogs if I could. On the other, I don’t want them to feel like they have to continue the chain. So I’m going to make a provision: I’ll list 5 small blogs I really enjoy, but they should feel in no way obligated to do the same. I’m just saying I like them, go check them out, but if those bloggers don’t want to continue the award themselves, that’s fine by me. No harm done. I also have no idea if any of these are fewer than 200 followers. I just have a feeling they’re smallish. Also, I’m a lurker rather than a commenter, so most of these people probably have no idea who I am or that I read their blogs. Whatevs. Five small blogs I really, really enjoy are:

  • Annie Was Here, by a social media/PR professional in the St. Louis area. This is Annie’s personal blog, and she’s friggin’ hilarious. Almost every post about her adventures in the world, happenings on their new farm, wonderfully funny things her husband says, etc. has me in stitches.
  • Dried Figs and Wooden Spools, by a former Charlottesvillian who left shortly after I discovered her blog. She’s crafty, I’m not. She’s got kids, I don’t. It doesn’t matter. I love reading about her life and the interesting, creative things her family does, their adventures in their year in New York, and their ponderings about where to go and what to do next. I’m just sad they’re not local anymore so I can’t meet them.
  • Fatuous Observations, by a current Charlottesvillian and fellow book nerd. Under the pen name Patience Crabstick, she writes about Cville, her family, her job, books, wacky adventures, tense moments, all with great insight and a slightly cranky and dry sense of humor. My favorite kind.
  • Kinda Domestic, written by my friend Marijean’s future daughter-in-law, which is how I found her blog. She cracks me the hell up, which is why I started following her blog even though we have only the most tenuous of connections.
  • Nathalie Foy writes about books and book art and books about books and bookish things. I find her insight into the books she reads to be interesting and often dead-on, and I love her devotion to art made out of books (those are some of my favorite posts).

I could honestly list so many more. My favorite kinds of blogs tend to be random hodgepodge about people’s lives (I’m such a voyeur!), and for whatever reason, those tend to be the smallest ones. I hope none of my friends are offended if they’re not on the list – I could have easily listed 5 or 10 more! Anyway, that’s all I have for today.


10 thoughts on “Random Stuff and Nonsense and Whatnot

  1. I’m avoiding pinterest. I don’t need another time suck. As it is, I think I got suckered into being a committee chair for the spring fair at school. I really need to learn to say no.

    I love Fatuous Observations too.

    1. Heh. Yeah, I really just needed a time suck for a day…and I got one for until I get bored with it. Saw you got one of these little awardy deals too, so I didn’t give you another one. 🙂

      1. Thanks. I saw you got one as well, so back at ya. I felt weird passing it along as well. I am always the weakest link in those chain letters, but I figured it was a good way to share some of my favorite blogs. I almost added a honorable mention category.

  2. The day I “only” run a 10 minute mile will be a day for a ticker tape parade because I have yet to hit that speed for longer than, say, 30 seconds.

  3. Jen,
    First of all, thanks again for the most awesome shout out. I’m really going to have to step up my game now that I know at least 2 people are now reading it, including my mom.
    I, too, LOVE Kinda Domestic. Sarcasm is my favorite virtue. And I discovered her via Marijean too. I was an intern at Marijean’s company in college. Small world.
    Anyway, thanks again.

  4. I’ll have to check these out!

    And you’re killing me with the ice cream… especially today, as I’m on a clear liquid diet for a Really Fun Event tomorrow morning. I’ll just eat my jello and chicken broth and fantasize…

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