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Merry Lootmas 2011

A couple of years ago, on my former blog, I shared the details of the gifts I received for the holidays – also known as Lootmas, the part of Christmas that has nothing whatsoever to do with Christ, a phrase coined by the inimitable Joshilyn Jackson. I like to hear what other people got as presents, so I figured, hey, why not share my list during this post-Christmas time with no one is probably reading my blog anyway? šŸ™‚ I pinned this year’s Lootmas haul on Pinterest; click below to see it all.

Pinterest board of Lootmas 2011

More importantly, there were some good moments this Christmas that made me quite happy, all warm and fuzzy, like the following:

  • Sharing a delicious Christmas dinner out with Dave’s family a week before Christmas
  • Getting homemade eggs benedict after a nice sleep-in at Dave’s parents’ house
  • Watching the old home movies that my mom had put onto a DVD for my cousins and sister, seeing our grandparents (and great-grandparents, and parents) in younger days
  • Seeing my cousin’s daughter weep with joy over the Coach purse she’d been pining for that her Mimi (her grandmother, my aunt) got for her
  • Watching my niece be delighted over all the awesome presents she got: a new bike, a tablet (Kindle Fire, her new BFF, she says), a new American Girl doll, a Lalaloopsy tree house, a gumball machine/bank, and lots lots lots more (8 is such a fun age for gift-giving)
  • Working on a big pretty puzzle (which was a gift from my in-laws) with my mom and Dave, and a little help from my sister and niece
  • Going to see the lights at the Elks Home and Liberty Lake Park, like we do every year
  • Having my niece so attached to us that she jumped from me to Dave and back again and didn’t want to let us go so we could drive home
  • Seeing all my family and just spending time with them and visiting – we don’t live far from either of our families, but it’s still wonderful when we get to spend quality time with them

I hope you all had a particularly lovely holiday. Any good loot or warm memories to share?


One thought on “Merry Lootmas 2011

  1. We got a new toaster and some kitchen tools. I got earrings, some books, a bunch of cookbooks, and a new cover for my Nook. The cats made out like bandits with treats and all three Angry Bird catnip toys.

    I modified the usual “stay with my sister Christmas Eve” plan and went home on Friday instead, and spent Saturday and Sunday with Tim. We slept in, made pancakes and opened presents, then went for a ride to scope out potential neighborhoods because we’re talking about maybe buying a house!

    It was relaxing, and while I did miss my family a little bit, I was kind of glad that there wasn’t a lot of drama. I think next year it would be nice if the girls could come down, but that’s not really up to me…

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