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A Look at My MiXmas: The Kitschy, the Creepy, the Kooky, and the Curious

Busy busy busy time of year!!! I can’t believe I haven’t found time to blog all week, but I also haven’t had time to put up a Christmas tree or even start my Christmas cards. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? That’s what they say, anyway…

It’s time for part 3 of a look into my crazy holiday music collection! To recap: I’ve always loved Christmas music. I collect Christmas music, including the classic greats, but especially the unusual, the kitschy, the weird, the creepy, and the interesting. This month, I’m sharing some of my Christmas music with you.

This week I’m going to share some of the…ah…odder tracks from my collection. My guess is that you probably have heard of very few of these songs unless you’re as twisted as I am (or maybe you heard some of them 40 years ago when you were a child, parental types).

I’ve made a YouTube playlist for you that you can access at the link below, and then I’ve listed the titles and artists of the songs in the playlist for those who just want to see what’s on it and don’t really care to listen. Also, in my list below, I’ve provided some commentary because…wow, I just don’t think I can spring these on you without comments.

Listen to the kitschy, creepy, kooky, curious playlist on YouTube


  • “Don’t Shoot Me Santa” from The Killers: This is a pretty recent song from a popular modern day glam pop band, all about Santa hunting down the really bad kids. Whack-a-doo.
  • “Rocking Disco Santa” from The Sisterhood: This song…is about Santa dancing in a disco. I don’t know what else to say about it; the title kinda says it all. Gotta love the ’70s!
  • “Can I Interest You in Hannukah?” from Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart: This song cracks me up. And if you’ve ever seen the Colbert Christmas special, it probably cracks you up too.
  • “It’s What I Got in My Sack” from Jingle Punx: Christmas punk music. It’s fast and loud and a little shouty…and all about Santa giving presents.
  • “My Christmas Baby” from Smokey Hogg: This is actually a pretty great blues song, but it’s a little odd because it’s a gravelly man voice singing the lyric “You can be my Santa Claus.” Is that supposed to be hot? I don’t know.
  • “Electronic Santa” from Blazer Force: And now we have Christmas electronica. It’s…interesting. I think there’s probably a whole subgenre of holiday electronica out there, but I’m not much into the techno beats.
  • “Happy Birthday Jesus (A Child’s Prayer)” from Little Cindy: Off the John Waters Christmas album, which totally makes sense when you hear it. This is by far the creepiest Christmas song-type-thing I have ever heard in my life, and I can’t stop listening to it.
  • “Nutmeg” from John Legend and Stephen Colbert: Another from the Colbert Christmas special, and boy, this one is dirty. You probably do not want your boss to overhear you listening to this at work. The lyrics themselves are not bad, but the innuendo is filthy! I’m blushing a little just knowing my mom might hear this at my hands! And yet…it’s hilarious, as it was intended to be.
  • “Little Mary Christmas” from Roger Christian: This is a song about a child with a physical disability in an orphanage praying to get parents for Christmas. With a cheerful, upbeat background ditty. Who thinks depressing Christmas songs are a good idea? Why do people keep writing them?!
  • “Drink My Way Through Christmas” from Karen Kilgariff: A new song, I believe! Patton Oswalt shared this one on Twitter, and Dave’s podcasting buddy Matt retweeted it, so that’s how I heard about it. And it’s just as messed up as you might think it would be from the title.
  • “Fat Daddy” from Fat Daddy: A sort of doo-wop R&B cross-genre thing about Santa Claus, a.k.a. Fat Daddy. I actually sort of like this song…but I can’t deny that it’s pretty weird.
  • “Bizarre Christmas Incident” from Ben Folds: I’m not a huge, huge Ben Folds fan, but this song fascinates me. It’s basically about finding Santa dead in your chimney. What?! Where do these song ideas come from???
  • “Jupiter Winter” from Sufjan Stevens: I couldn’t leave Sufjan out. I think he’s made an appearance on every list thus far. This particular song is kind of entrancing, but it seems to be all about kids from Jupiter trying to get Christmas to come to them? Or something? It’s pretty spacey. I still like it.

What’s the wackiest holiday song you’ve ever heard? Or, even better, the wackiest one you own?


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