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How Do You Want to Change the World?

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of meeting some new people. A friend who I know only from the interwebs came into town for a conference, and he asked if Dave and I wanted to meet up for a pint after his conference ended. He brought a conference buddy with him, and in the course of conversation, we talked about work, as one does. I said that while I didn’t know that my job was a dream job, that I didn’t mind the work and that I adore my co-workers, and that makes all the difference. So conference buddy says, “Well, what do you think your dream would be?” And I started to say, “To be independently wealthy and read all day and do whatever else I want.” He interrupted me and called me out on my easy answer. He said, “Bullshit. That’s not what I mean. I mean how do you want to change the world?”

I actually really appreciated the fact that he challenged me with that, but…wow. Big question. I was thrown. I don’t really have an answer for that one. Actually, I do have an answer, but I don’t have even the beginnings of a plan to make it happen, because it’s too big. I want to make the world more compassionate, more sympathetic, more empathetic. All of my biggest pet peeves and things that make me angry with the world boil down to people being severely inconsiderate to other people. I recognize that I am, by no means, perfect either – this is something that I could do more of, too. Just…putting yourself in someone else’s shoes for a minute before reacting in an angry, hateful way. Don’t you think that most of the world’s problems could be avoided that way? But a plan to make people more compassionate? I just don’t have one. I’m not sure such a thing is remotely possible.

Now, that’s just my wish. The guy I was talking to said his dream was to make the world a more efficient place through technology, which is SO different than my change-the-world dream that it made me wonder. What do other people dream of? How do you want to change the world?


5 thoughts on “How Do You Want to Change the World?

  1. I think that by “change the world” you mean change something about human systems (as opposed to literally changing the landscape of the planet). That’s my dream: To loosen the restrictive bonds of human systems so that individual lives are not forced merely to conform to predetermined societal roles.

    Or, for the Redskins to win the Superbowl again. That’d work, too.

    1. Really, I mean whatever the reader interprets it to mean. If it’s your dream to change the landscape of the planet for some reason, I’d hear out your argument on that. But yes, my personal instinct definitely has more to do with people than geography.

      Your first idea seems less likely to happen than your second, but only by just a teensy bit. 😉

  2. “Your calling is the most important thing you can do in which you would be the most difficult to replace.” -Gary North
    I’m still searching for my calling, but I fall back on this quotation often. Eric is searching for his right now as well.
    I would say that my main goal in life right now is to learn something new every day and to keep an open mind which is quite an endeavor!

  3. If I could change the world it would be for people to be more tolerant. period. Tolerant. I have no idea of HOW to accomplish that but it seems all wars, disagreements, anger have a start with people being intolerant. Dream job? Absolutely no idea………….

  4. I want to change the world by doing my part to eliminate inequality and social injustice by improving the way ‘the system’ works and making people healthier so they have the strength and knowledge and ability to be their best selves and do their part to change the world….

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