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The Weird Things that I’m Thankful For

DUDE! Remember these?! I do!!! Source: Flickr user gypsy999

Today is the day when everyone is counting their blessings, loving their loved ones, stuffing themselves with delicious bad foodstuffs. And I am, just like most, so very thankful for my fantastic husband and all of the amazing friends and family I have, for a good home and a good job and food to eat and dogs to cuddle and books to read – all the stuff that is wonderful. But I’m kind of tired of reading the same litany from everyone else, so I’m guessing most people are tired of reading it. I thought instead I’d make a list of the somewhat unusual things that have me giving thanks today.

  • Twitter. I love Twitter. It is, by far, my preferred social network. I have met and actually gotten to know some fabulous people, both locally and elsewhere, all because of the Twitter.
  • The library. Seriously, I kind of forgot about the library until this year. I had become the sort of reader who bought many books, received some as gifts, and used BookMooch/Paperback Swap for others, but I neglected the library. I don’t know why – I’ve talked before about the uncanny number of friends I have who are librarians, because apparently I collect them. I practically grew up IN the library – I cannot possibly divorce my childhood memories from the manymanymany hours I spent in the library and reading library books away from the library. It was a combination of factors that led to my rediscovery of the joys of just visiting the library, but I’m back in love. And ever so thankful for a strong local library system.
  • My car. Anyone who knows me knows that I bitch about my car all the time. It’s 12 years old, it’s had some rough times, and now it seems to make a new disturbing noise about every three months. I would so love to get a new (to me) car, and we’re saving up for a time when we’ll have no choice but to get one. In the meantime, though, that car gets me where I need to go. It has not yet broken down completely (knock on wood). And 12 years is a looooong time – there’s a lot of life history associated with that car. It protected me during a wreck that I thought was going to cost me my life. It got Dave and I through a pretty horrific ice and snow storm unscathed. It was decked out with pink flamingos and tin cans at our wedding. It’s seen lots of laughter and some tears, quite a bit of dog drool and a little dog puke, a little girl’s ice cream cone dropped on the backseat, and a LOT of singing at the top of my lungs. It’s been a good car.
  • Chocolate. There is not enough language in the world to express how thankful I am to have chocolate in my life.
  • Doctor Who. That’s right, I put a television show on my list. I only started watching the series this year, and I love it in all it’s cheesy, goofy, sweet, silly ridiculousness. Bad special effects and all.
  • Spreadsheets. Man, I love a good color-coded spreadsheet! I use them for all sorts of things, at work and at home. I currently have a spreadsheet tracking expenses and income for the business, one tracking the mileage I put on my new shoes (so I know when to replace them, obvs), one tracking all the books we’ve read and reviews we’ve given for the VA Book Festival reading circle this past summer and early fall, one tracking All The Christmas (from gift ideas to budget to mailing addresses for cards and more), a packing list that I can customize for different trips, and probably others. Don’t even get me started on the spreadsheets I use at work…
  • Oh, all right, all that other stuff. Fine, I feel guilty not saying all the usual things. I feel so thankful for a husband who is so smart and passionate and funny and who still loves me right back after all this time; for my mom, who raised me to know the difference between right and wrong and taught me how to think for myself; for my dad, who taught me that you’re only old once you stop being silly; for my sister, who gave me a built-in friend right in my own house when we were growing up; for my niece, who constantly cracks me up; for Dave’s family, who are all so easy to get along with and who have always made me feel not only that I am welcome, but that I am a part of their family; for my best friend, who never gives up on me even when I fall off the face of the planet for a few months, and for her adorable little girl and snuggly baby boy; for my oldest friend, who is always there if I need her, and for her two precious girls who are so strong and amazingly healthy; for all of the many, many dogs in my life, but especially my two monkeys; for the best co-workers EVER, who make going to work even fun some days; for a good home and enough money to keep paying the mortgage; for yummy, nourishing food to eat; for a strong body; for reliable transportation; for a wonderful city to live in; and for all of the incredible people I know.

What are you thankful for today? I’m especially interested to know the weird stuff!

Happy Thanksgiving!



4 thoughts on “The Weird Things that I’m Thankful For

  1. The library! I was at the downtown branch at least weekly last spring, but haven’t been since then. I love the library…

    I’m also very thankful for Twitter. For my interwebz communities in general. Love all the people I’ve “met” through the wonders of modern technology.

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