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22 Things I Have Done

A few weeks ago, my friend Terry wrote a blog post of a list of 22 things she’s never done and 22 things she has done. Inspired by her post, I decided to do it too…but I split it up. Today you get 22 things I have done, and last week I listed 22 things I’ve never done. (Since last week’s post, KMay also did a post on the same theme – check hers out as well!)

Things I Have Done

  1. Dyed my hair blue, and pink, and purple, and green…
  2. Flown in a helicopter in quite windy conditions over the Grand Canyon, and flown in a helicopter over the Pitons in St. Lucia when we’re fairly certain the pilot was very, very stoned
  3. Owned and held and petted a snake named Chester
  4. Traveled to Canada, St. Lucia, the Bahamas, England, Spain, and Austria
  5. Traveled to 38 states in the U.S. (39 if you count DC, I guess)
  6. Started a freelance editing business with my husband in all my spare time
  7. Driven across a hurricane-ravaged North Carolina to meet my niece when she was 2 days old
  8. Earned my Gold Award in Girl Scouting (equivalent to an Eagle Scout)
  9. Earned both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from one of the finest public institutions in the country
  10. Been a middle school teacher
  11. Read every book ever published by L.M. Montgomery
  12. Took piano lessons for 10 years from elementary school into college
  13. Played flute in the concert band and piccolo in the marching and jazz bands in high school
  14. Co-founded and sang in an a capella group in college
  15. Took guitar lessons for about a year post-college
  16. Watched the entire Twin Peaks series through at least 3 times
  17. Been an Applebuddy
  18. Had general anesthesia for surgery twice
  19. Ridden on the Extreme SkyFlyer (sort of but not quite like bungee jumping) at Kings Dominion 3 times, once being the person who pulled the cord to start the drop
  20. Driven from Virginia to New Orleans and back…twice
  21. Taken a month-and-a-half-long cross country (and back) trip with my best friend
  22. Stood under a cashew tree growing on the edge of an active volcano

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