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22 Things I’ve Never Done

A few weeks ago, my friend Terry wrote a blog post of a list of 22 things she’s never done and 22 things she has done. Inspired by her post, I’m going to do it too…but I’m splitting it up. Today you get 22 things I’ve never done, and next week I’ll follow up with 22 things I have done. Please note that I’m just listing things I haven’t done – not necessarily things I haven’t done that I want to do. Some of these things I really don’t ever want to do…but I’m going to let you guess which is which. 🙂

Things I’ve Never Done

  1. Had my hair cut shorter than shoulder length
  2. Jumped out of an airplane
  3. Owned a cat (though my work does have two office cats)
  4. Cooked a whole bird of any kind – chicken, turkey, or anything else
  5. Owned a brand-new car
  6. Traveled to Asia
  7. Traveled to Africa
  8. Traveled to Australia
  9. Traveled to South America
  10. Run farther than 2 miles at one time (and that was when I was in the best shape of my life)
  11. Had a child
  12. Knitted or crocheted anything
  13. Shoplifted
  14. Killed an animal
  15. Gotten a tattoo
  16. Been in a physical fight, like a fist fight (unless you count beginner judo practice, which…not really)
  17. Read War and Peace or Crime and Punishment
  18. Beaten level 5-12 (or higher) on Angry Birds
  19. Broken a bone other than my pinky toe
  20. Seen The Exorcist
  21. Successfully grown a vegetable or herb
  22. Written anything longer than a poem, a journal entry, or a blog post

Anybody with me? Anything on my list that you haven’t done either?


8 thoughts on “22 Things I’ve Never Done

  1. I haven’t read “War and Peace” or “Crime and Punishment” either … no desire to either! How do you get out of cooking a whole bird of some kind? I’ve made numerous chickens and turkeys in my day … although not really interested in doing so again 😉

    1. I’m still at a place in my life where we alternate between our parents’ houses for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so no need for us to do it then…and for just the two of us, a whole bird, even a chicken, is too much. It’s easier to buy a pound of breasts – that lasts us several meals! I’m sure a day will come when either Dave or I has to do it, but he’s the chef in the family, so it may well be him instead of me. 🙂

      1. If you or Dave want tips, we’ve got some great whole chicken recipes! Eric’s even done beer can chicken on the grill. 🙂

      2. No worries – I haven’t cooked a full bird either. Mostly because I don’t eat birds, so that handles that matter. If people come over and want a bird, they have to cook it themselves.

  2. I have not jumped from a plane or traveled to any of those places either.

    But I HAVE seen the exorcist (meh) and cooked a whole turkey. 🙂 Maybe those will have to go on my list.

  3. Things on your list I haven’t done:
    Jumped out of an airplane
    Cooked a whole bird of any kind – chicken, turkey, or anything else
    Traveled to Asia
    Traveled to Africa
    Had a child – Not interested.
    Shoplifted – I’m too much of a goody-goody.
    Killed an animal – A bird flew into my car. Does that count?
    Read War and Peace – One day I’ll get to this. I liked Crime and Punishment though.
    Beaten level 5-12 (or higher) on Angry Birds – I’ve only played a couple times.
    Broken a bone – I hope to keep this one as is.

  4. I’ve done 1, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, one-half of 17, 21, and 22.

    And since I know you’ll ask, apparently I shoplifted when I was four and my mother made me take the candy back to the grocery store, give it back, and apologize to the store manager.

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