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Triumphant Return…and Birthday Celebrations!

Hello, blog friends! I am back! It’s been more than two weeks since my last post. Since then I’ve flown to Indianapolis and back, fretted over a dear friend who had her twin girls 9 weeks too early (mama and both babies are healthy and beautiful), eaten too much candy while watching spooky movies far too late with my husband, restarted the couch to 5K program, and turned 34. No rest for us this time of year!

Chocolate and orange, my favorite flavor combination! Best birthday cake ever!

Saturday was my birthday. Unlike some people, I absolutely adore birthdays. What on earth is there not to like about days that are all about you, when people have to be nice to you and give you presents? It’s one of my very favorite days every year! This year did not disappoint. The festivities began on Friday, when my best work pals took me out for Mexican lunch, complete with lunchtime margaritas (shhhh, don’t tell the boss! ;)) and happy birthday singing from the staff with the giant sombrero on my head. On Saturday, I slept as late as I wanted. I woke up to my husband making me an amazing and elaborate birthday cake, 100% from scratch – it is SOOOO GOOD. I got to have my favorite pizza (fried eggplant, meatballs, and feta) from the diner by our house for dinner, and we rented a streaming movie from Amazon (I picked the 2010 Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, even though I saw it in the theater, because I wanted to see it again in preparation for the sequel and because Dave hadn’t ever seen it).

Then there were the birthday cards and presents and Facebook and Twitter greetings! I got a bunch of cards starting about halfway through last week. My parents and Dave’s parents both sent me cash, and Dave’s mom also picked out a necklace for me at a jewelry show that she sent. My sister and niece gave me an Amazon gift card, and Dave’s sister and her husband gave me a Barnes & Noble gift card (Nook books!) and some funny socks printed with junk food pictures on them. Dave gave me a Christmas CD that’s been on my wishlist for a few years and a set of YogaToes, which I’ve been hankering for even more than usual lately because my feet have been murderous. My work pals gave me a mini emergency kit in a tiny silver case that has everything a girl could need in an emergency, from clear nail polish to stain remover to a mending kit to lip balm and more. Another friend sent me a book I’ve been itching to read for a while, and my best friend is taking me to the UVA vs. Duke football game next weekend! And at last count I had more than 75 people send me well wishes through either Facebook or Twitter.

It wasn’t a fancy birthday, but I didn’t need or want that. I wanted to wear my PJs and snuggle on the couch with my honey and my dogs. I wanted to eat yummy food. I wanted to hear from the most important people in my life. All of those things happened. More than any other year before this, I’m grateful and happy and content on my birthday. I have so many fantastic people in my life who obviously care about me. I have a good job with fabulous co-workers, two sweet puppy dogs, a nice house to live in and friendly neighbors. I mostly only do things I want to do, I’m happy with who I am, and life is good. If this is what 34 is like, I’m looking forward to a great year!


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