Honey Bear

Birthday Slacker

Nom nom nom on the birthday cheesecake: ricotta filling, amaretti cookie crust

OK, it’s not fair to blame my slack blog posting habits this week on Dave’s birthday. The earlier evenings this week were spent wrangling our editing business website to a new domain registrar and a new web host, which was even less fun than it sounds (though I am pleased with the resulting much-improved appearance and functionality of said site, now that the wrangling is done [the tweaking will continue for a while]). Last night I did spend some time making what will hopefully be a very delicious birthday cheesecake, though, and tonight is all about Dave, eating whatever he wants for dinner and giving him presents and making sure he knows that 33 is not such a bad age to be. There is no one in the whole world I’d rather spend time with. That makes it kinda nice being married. 🙂

Maybe I’ll get some energy together for you this weekend to talk about one of the many things bouncing around in my mind.


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