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Fancy Things in Favorite Colors

My brain is so exhausted…you are going to have to forgive me for the dearth of posts lately. I’ve been super-busy, but things will be back to a normal pace next week. Hopefully my brain will work enough again to actually think of topics for my blog posts.

For now, however, I just spent the entire evening fooling around with Polyvore. I’ve noticed that, as an adult, the colors my wardrobe features most prominently are black, gray, teal and purple. And I’d like some new clothes for the fall and winter, but I’m holding off to see if I get birthday or Christmas money or gift cards. In the meantime, internet window shopping for fancy clothes in my favorite colors is just what the doctor ordered.

Fancy Things in Favorite Colors

3 thoughts on “Fancy Things in Favorite Colors

  1. I ❤ those earrings.

    You know, that skirt doesn't look very complicated. Im pretty sure we could make one in very little time that's just as pretty…

  2. I loving putting looks together on Polyvore. Just the action of clicking around with the mouse feels like I’ve been shopping, but without the expense.

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