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How You Know You’re Too Busy

  • You lose track of what day of the week it is.
  • You lose track of what week of the month it is.
  • You forget to eat dessert.
  • You almost forget that you need to buy groceries in order to eat for the next week.
  • You wake up in the night feeling nauseated and hot, still feel bad the next morning, and spend the day at home working because you don’t have time to take a proper sick day.
  • You check your work email and do a bit of work, then flip back to Firefox for your hourly personal media check only to realize it’s actually been 3 hours and there are now 166 new tweets in your Twitter feed.
  • You’ve hardly spoken at all to your best friend who just had a baby last week.
  • You take to list-making instead of really blogging because your brain is too muddled to think of anything else to write.

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