Bookalicious – 22 August 2011

My shelves are too bookalicious for you, baby. I read a lot. Well, not a lot compared to some people, but way more than is probably normal. Sometimes the books I’m reading from week to week will be the same, but I’ll endeavor to let you know what I’m thinking about them as I make progress (or don’t). I am and always have been a poly-reader – meaning I read multiple books simultaneously – so sorry if I give you whiplash. Here’s what’s on my nightstand these days and how I’m feeling about it!

New This Week

  • The Dark Enquiry by Deanna Raybourn
    Pages read: 135 of 387
    This is this week’s selection for the VA Festival of the Book. Apparently, this is the fifth book in a series about Lady Julia, a Victorian-era Londoner with an equal love of science, justice, good manners, and good clothing. She’s a little proper and a little unconventional, and she’s just dying to poke her nose into her new husband’s private investigation business. I don’t know where I’ve been – the author even lives in Virginia, and I love a good historical mystery. So far, the story is well-written and the characters are compelling. Great literature, maybe not, but a damn good mystery? For certain. I’m going to have to hunt down the other books in the series after this, methinks.

In Progress

Note on in-progress books: I’m only posting the book cover the very first time I add the book to the list on the blog, but you can see the covers by following the links in the titles.

  • Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex by Mary Roach
    Pages read: 111 of 306
    This one is going a bit slower that the previous Mary Roach books I’ve read. I’m both fascinated and grossed out by the awful things she researched for this book. Like pig insemination. And urethra widening. I have to finish it by Thursday, though – that’s when it’s due back to the library. So I’m going to be reading about lots of weird sex stuff this week…
  • Moon Women by Pamela Duncan
    Pages read: 81 of 495
    No further progress on this one; I’ve been trying to finish Bonk since it’s due back at the library this coming week and also The Fairytale Trilogy since that had to be returned to the VA Book! office last Friday, so I didn’t look at any other books.
  • Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln by Doris Kearns Goodwin
    Pages read:55 of 754
    See above – no progress because my readerly attentions have been elsewhere.

Finished This Week

If you want to read my full reviews, see the Goodreads links below; for books I’ve finished, I’m planning to give just a five-sentence review on the blog.

  • The Fairytale Trilogy by Valerie Gribben
    My review on Goodreads
    This is a cute little alternative fairytale with a spunky, self-reliant heroine who has a big soft heart, Marianne. There are three novellas contained within the book, each furthering Marianne’s story as she searches for information about her parents and her own identity. Along with her brother Robin and her dragon friend, Leo, Marianne rescues princesses, defeats evil witches and wizards, brings a runaway prince home, gets a magical education, saves Fairyland, and makes lots of new friends. The novellas were written while the author was quite young: the first when she was 16, the second when she was in college, and the third during her first year of medical school. The best part about the book was watching the author’s writing craft develop across the three stories.

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