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Things I Learned This Week

Yikes. This week has fully escaped me. It seems the first week of most months does that. So a short post tonight and then I’ll prepare the song challenge post for tomorrow. Tonight we discuss the things I learned this week – because I’m all about a lifetime of learning!

  • A small popcorn with butter at the movies has 630 calories.
  • In high school and college, I always tested as an INFP on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (and its copycats). I am now an ISFJ. And it’s dead-on right – the description(s) match me to a T. So I learned that our personalities can change as we grow.
  • I am both terrified and fascinated by the thought of a Sexy Gargamel Halloween costume.
  • The Twitter hashtag #bookswithonelettermissing amuses me greatly.
  • A frozen lunch entree is sometimes not enough food for dinner.
  • Applying for government grants is F*ED UP. Ridiculously, needlessly stupid-complicated. Like the rest of the government, apparently.

Did you learn anything this week?


5 thoughts on “Things I Learned This Week

  1. I started to get addicted to #bookswithonelettermissing and had to sign off! I completely agree with the government grant comment. Story of my life at work these days-ricidulously, needlessly, stupidly complicated! I’m embarrassed to say I can’t remember my Meyers-Brigg other than the IS_J. Mine too changed over 15 years to a very weak ES_J but I think that’s purely from accommodating need to be an “e” for my occupation versus naturally being an “e”.

  2. I swear I’m different every time I take one of the Myers-Briggs or Keirsey temperament tests. I figure that’s because* I do tend to exhibit a different personality at work versus not at work. What is consistent, however, is that I’ve gotten more introverted.

    *Or, could be that I’m crazy. I hear the jury debating.

  3. I’ve shifted wildly on my M-B tests in the past in the past 20 years — from an extrovert to an introvert.

    I’ve learned that orthodontics are far more complicated than I ever imagined and now I don’t begrudge the orthodontist all the thousands of dollars he charging me for my daughter’s mouth.

    I learned long ago that any and all Halloween costumes can and will be sexied up, even if they shouldn’t be.

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