The Perfect Takeout Combo

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I need to preface this post by explaining my feelings about Chinese food. (By which, of course, I mean your standard Americanized, sugary, fatty Chinese takeout, not real actual food that real actual people in China generally eat in their homes.) I like Chinese takeout just fine. I do not love it, do not crave it, but I also do not hate it. In our small town, there are very few types of food that are delivered to our neck of the woods. Chinese, pizza, one place that delivers all sorts of Asian food (Chinese, sushi, Thai – none of it amazing but all of it edible), and one place that delivers mediocre (and often cold by the time it arrives) Mediterranean food. Of these options, when the husband wants to order in (as the household chef, he’s usually the one who calls for a day off to get delivery), I will usually opt for pizza. I am and always have been a pizza kind of girl; my BFF/roommate and I once ate pizza for 11 days in a row.

But Dave actively likes Chinese food, counter to my indifference to it, so sometimes, that’s really what he wants. When that happens, I will certainly find something on the menu to eat. I usually have a hard time picking something that will fit in my calorie count PLUS doesn’t leave me hungry or make me feel bloated PLUS I actually like the entire time I eat PLUS I can eat all of (because I don’t really like Chinese leftovers much). I have a few go-to dishes, but tonight…tonight I struck the perfect Chinese food balance. I think I have found my personal perfect Chinese delivery order. It consists of:

  • A small order (pint size) of veggie fried rice
  • A pork egg roll
  • A veggie spring roll
  • Half an order of fried cheese wontons (4 pieces, Dave ate the other 4)

Okay, and a fortune cookie too. I ate all of that – no leftovers – and I was sated. Not stuffed, not still hungry. I didn’t get tired of the taste of anything. They’re all things I like. And the total calorie count is less than 800, which is perfectly reasonable for a takeout dinner.

I’m not trying to pretend that this is a healthy dinner – I know that it’s still loaded with oil and salt and fat. I’m aware. But we don’t order Chinese very often, so I’m okay with that. Maybe for you this would be too much or too little food. Maybe these are not foods you like or enjoy much. But for me? It’s perfect. Chinese takeout magic!

Tell me about your perfect Chinese meal, or that you hate Chinese, or your preferred takeout food!


8 thoughts on “The Perfect Takeout Combo

    1. Well, Red Lantern is on there, and that’s our go-to Chinese place. And of course Papa Johns does. 🙂 Other places might; I’m not sure! It used to be Pantops was too far for a lot of the places that delivered to campus, but it’s possible they’ve expanded their delivery areas – I’ll have to check it out!

  1. Hot and sour soup (a must) and any sort of shrimp or chicken spicy dish… egg roll optional.

    The main problem with Chinese is the salt content, which causes me to hold at least 3 lbs of extra water, thus causing panic the next morning as I step on the scale.

  2. We don’t generally get takeout that often, and when we do, It’s usually Domino’s (I have a cheesybread addiction). We do hit up the chinese buffet on a fairly regular basis, though. I usually stick with:
    1st plate: a little lo mein, some sort of chicken or pork (the one in Shopper’s World does this grilled pork stuff that’s good), and an egg roll, which I deconstruct before eating the outside and very little of the innards. 🙂
    2nd course: wonton soup. That stuff is addicting. And maybe a little rice.
    3rd plate: A little fruit and a sugar bun. Or a sesame ball if we’re at East Garden.

  3. I like to order Americanized Chinese for delivery, but try to keep my portions pretty small. We order from Red Lantern and usually get moo shu pork or kung pao chicken for him, chicken lo mein or veggie fried rice that I’ll have a small portion of with leftovers for him, and then spring rolls to share. While we’re waiting for the food to come, I’ll have a small salad or some veggies first, so that I’m not starving when the food arrives. I eat just enough to be satisfied but not so much that I feel disgusting afterward.

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