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We’re Having a Heat Wave…A Tropical Heat Wave…

Oh, friends. Chances are pretty damn good that you are experiencing the same high temperatures and humidity that we are. It was near to 100 degrees today, and it’s supposed to be warmer tomorrow and even warmer on Friday. Much of the country is going through this right now. It’s very, very hot; breathing outside resembles drinking a glass of tepid water right now, even at 9:00 pm.

Source: Flickr user Sancho McCann

My confession? My confession is that, while I dislike the extreme heat and humidity, I don’t hate it. I even prefer it to other times of year, like…oh, I don’t know, the evil freezing cold temperatures of winter. I feel like I need to soak up this heat and store it to use in January. I have a number of cold-loving friends who are just as miserable right now as I am in January, though, so I thought I’d try to focus us all on some of the awesome things about summer. I present today, hopefully as a distraction for those who are dreaming of snow, the wonderfully simple things about summer.

  • Biting into a perfectly ripe, juicy peach
  • Broiled cheese on bread with slices of fresh, home-grown tomato for lunch
  • All the fresh fruits and vegetables, really
  • Jumping into the cool water of a swimming pool or lake or river in the heat of the sun
  • Beer never, ever tastes as good as when it’s incredibly hot outside
  • Two words: ICE. CREAM.
  • Lightning bugs
  • Grilled meats and veggies and pizzas
  • A corollary deserving of its own bullet: S’mores
  • A clear, cool drink of water
  • Fireworks
  • Flowy, swishy skirts and dresses
  • Sandals or, even better, bare feet
  • Seeing interesting critters out and about – frogs and lizards and katydids and walking sticks and turtles
  • Limeade
  • Thunderstorms (okay, probably not a plus for some, but I’ve always liked ’em)
  • Sitting outside and chatting after the sun goes down
  • Summer vacations
  • Ponytails, pigtails, buns, and braids
  • Carnivals and amusement parks
  • All the green, green, green, green, green of a lush Virginia summer
  • More light until later at night

As much as I hate being cold, there are things I like about winter too…but I’m not sure I can come up with so long a list. What are your favorite things about summer?


5 thoughts on “We’re Having a Heat Wave…A Tropical Heat Wave…

  1. I totally agree with your list and it’s a good reminder of the blessings of summer. I much prefer the heat (even in the extreme) to the cold. I would add the pleasure of walking from outside into an air conditioned building, and the opposite…being able to walk outside and get warmed up when you become over-chilled in said building!

  2. The only reason I truly love summer is that my kids are out of school and we live life at a much slower pace for 10 weeks. Otherwise, I could totally skip summer by. It is, by far, my least favorite season.

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