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30 Day Song Challenge, Part the First

Anyone who is on Facebook has surely seen some or all of their friends do this “30 Day Song Challenge” thing whereby they post a YouTube video every day for 30 days of a song that goes with a certain topic for that day. I’ve wanted to do it, but I would hate doing just one at a time. So I’ve decided that every Friday for the next 6 weeks, you will get the delight of seeing 5 songs from me. A mini-playlist if you will…or a don’t-playlist, depending on what the song topics are, I suppose. Well, here is part one for you to enjoy or ignore as you choose.

  • 1-Your favorite song: I don’t do very well with favorites, but this is one I like a whole lot and have liked for a very long time and never really get tired of listening to. (“Furious Rose” by Lisa Loeb)
  • 2-Your least favorite song: I hate this song, with the hate of 1,000 fiery suns, because even after 20 years and hearing it 20,000 times, it still makes me cry. EVERY. TIME. It’s emotional manipulation, and I hate that. (“Don’t Take the Girl” by Tim McGraw)
  • 3-A song that makes you happy: You have probably never heard this song before in your life, but I dare you to play it and NOT start bouncing around like an idiot. (“Graycoated Morning” by David and the Citizens)
  • 4-A song that makes you sad: It’s just a sad, sad song. No help for that. (“Imagine” by John Lennon)
  • 5-A song that reminds you of someone: This song will always, always, always remind me of high school and my best friend and driving around in her red Dodge Colt, Aloysius, with the windows down, playing mix tapes her brother had made and singing at the top of our lungs. (“Pop Song ’89” by R.E.M.)

Have you done this thing? Are you at all interested in doing it? What do you think of my musical tastifications?


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