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Five Things That Happened on My Walk Yesterday

Yesterday in the small Virginia town I live in, it was insanely humid and nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit. I already had plans to meet up with some girls from my walking group for a walk after work, and since it wasn’t raining or storming, I showed up, water in hand, sunscreen on, prepared for the heat. Only one other person showed up, but she and I had toughed it out through a really hot walk a few weeks prior, so we took off at a nice clip on our usual 3-mile walk.

  • We saw a snake. A really big, really fat snake of an undetermined nature squiggling up a bank, maybe into a hole. Reflecting back on it, it was probably a corn snake, but in the moment I was a little freaked out because I thought it might be a copperhead. I’ve never seen a copperhead so fat, though!
  • My bug bites itched more and more. I have a collection on my lower calves and ankles, I guess because I usually walk the dogs at night in capri pants. And for whatever reason, the heat and the sweating made them itch more as we progressed on our walk.
  • We saw a girl out for a nice little walk…in a dress and sandals. And we know it was for exercise because we passed her twice, going and coming. It was a very cute dress, though!
  • We saw a squirrel swinging from a tree by its hands, not leaping like squirrels normally do. I was like…a squirrel monkey or something.
  • I was so incredibly hot and sweaty when I got home, I had to take a quick shower to rinse off, which I do not usually do after an afternoon exercise. I usually just wash my face and maybe wipe off my neck and back with a washcloth, but I felt so disgusting that I couldn’t sit on the couch with myself if I didn’t rinse off.

One thought on “Five Things That Happened on My Walk Yesterday

  1. It was seriously gross yesterday! During these awful hot months I have to shower after running in the evening. I didn’t go yesterday though–with the pain and the heat I knew it was a bad, bad idea 🙂 I carry bug spray in my car…that way when we’re at soccer and there’s a ton of bugs I have the spray in the car–and there’s also sunscreen! I get bit like crazy! Snake? EWWWW

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