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Flashback Friday: 8 July 2011

(This is most especially for Amanda, who very kindly told me she was missing seeing all of the flashback photos.)

So I realized that I blathered on for three posts about the Disney vacation and kinda glossed over the fact that we went because it was my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary. The big silver one. Kind of important and a big deal! Also, maybe requires a little family history since, if you’ve read this blog for long, you know I’m older than 30, so here goes: my mom and bio-dad married when she was fresh out of high school. They had me 4 years later, they grew up and things didn’t work out; they divorced when I was 5. That’s how it happens a lot when you get married so young. My sister’s dad and bio-mom had a similar history; she was 4 when they divorced. Fast forward a couple of years, my mom and Holly’s dad meet (I believe by blind date), hit it off, etc. etc. etc. I was 8 and Holly was 7 when they got married and we all lived happily ever after as a family unit. Or something.

ANYWAY. That’s the background; here’s the fun photo part. Here we all are on their wedding day in 1986:

And here we all are – with a couple of new faces – 25 years later, on the night of their 25th anniversary:

We all still look mostly the same, right? 🙂


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