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Love for the Game Love!

We? We are game people. In particular, we enjoy board games and card games and crosswords and logic puzzles and those logic-puzzle-hidden-objects computer games. An unfortunate side effect of loving games? You collect a lot of them, and they take up space, and when you live in a condo with no basement or attic or garage, space is at a premium.

But someday! Oh, someday…someday we will have a home with a bit more room. We will, perhaps, have a family room or den or rec room to hold all of our games. And a few years ago, I saw the most brilliant and fantastic method of storing board games and DECORATING AT THE SAME TIME. Check this out:

And the back:

Wow. Just…wow. All of this is from the lovely and talented mind behind the blog Infarrantly Creative. I want this. I want this very much, please and thank you. Other than needing a house to hang our games in, it will just require my locating some folks with a table saw and a miter saw. Who know how to use them. Heh.


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