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In Which I Lament (yet again) Not Owning a HOUSE-House

Grilling pizzas this past weekend at my sis-in-law's house.

There are so many great things about summer. It’s my favorite season of the year, despite the things I’m not crazy about (mosquitos, ticks, intense heat), because there are lots of things I do love so much. Things like ice cream, and pretty plants, and fresh fruit (especially strawberries and peaches, my favorites!), and fireworks, and the fact that it’s not cold.  Not-cold is a HUGE reason for me to love summer considering how much I utterly despise being cold.

One thing that I would love about summer that I don’t actually get to love all that often is grilled food. Who doesn’t love a yummy, fresh-off-the-grill burger or dog with friends? A tasty steak? Some delicious corn or veggie kabobs? And not only does it taste good, grilled food is usually healthier for you! I know people who grill things even in the winter! But because we live on the fourth floor of a condo building, we never grill. We do actually own a charcoal grill, from the days when I didn’t live in an apartment or condo building, but we cannot use it on our balcony (fire hazard) and the damn thing is too heavy to drag down several flights of stairs to the parking lot. Our complex does have a community grill, but ew. It is crusty and rusty and public and rained on and likely dog-peed on…no thank you. We occasionally get to enjoy some grilling when we visit other people (see above photo), but it would be so nice to be able to make that decision for ourselves. To live in a House with a Back Yard where we can put our Grill, and use it as much or as little as we want. Anybody want to buy a nice 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo with great views? So we can shed this mortgage and get a new one on a House-house?


3 thoughts on “In Which I Lament (yet again) Not Owning a HOUSE-House

  1. What about a compromise — one of those George Foreman kitchen grills? I don’t have one, but my parents do and they love it.

    1. We have something like that. We use it sometimes, but it’s just not the same – no delicious charbroiled flavor. (And yes, I am the girl who likes some crispy burned bits on her grilled things.)

  2. I know how you feel. That was near the top of the list of things that suck about apartment living. And the George Foreman grill just isn’t the same.

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