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Girls Weekend 2011

A part of our group, taken at our 2008 Girls Weekend

This past weekend I hosted an annual Girls Weekend at my house. We usually go in March to a house in the Outer Banks of North Carolina that is owned by a friend of one of the girls, but this year that was just bad timing for everyone. And we don’t want to spend the money for a house in the OBX in the summer (pricey!!), and my house is sort of centrally located, so I suggested we gather there. In summary…

Things We Ate

  1. Orange and dark chocolate bagel spread on locally made organic bagels
  2. Cinnamon buns
  3. Pizzas we made with dough from Mona Lisa
  4. Feast! sandwiches
  5. Cheetos…lots and lots of Cheetos…
  6. Wegman’s sparkling fruit sodas
  7. Baby shower cake
  8. Margie’s homemade chocolate cookies
  9. Fiesta casserole
  10. Carpe Donuts

Things We Talked About

  1. Pregnancy and childbirth – unavoidable with two pregnant girls, a nursing mom, and a retired pediatric nurse practitioner in the room (none of those are me, by the way!)
  2. So…also babies and children and parenting – see above (also, there was a very adorable 7-month-old hanging out with us)
  3. Pets – concerns about dogs left at home plus the presence of my two dogs – and the fact that the baby girl and the baby dog were quite taken with each other – brought up lots of domestic animal stories and love
  4. Public education (one school teacher, one former school teacher, numerous moms, and a mom-to-be)
  5. Delicious, delicious food – recipes, foodie foods, restaurants, grocery services, natural and organic options
  6. Lots of people several of us went to high school with – comparing who was friends with whom on Facebook and what everyone was up to
  7. Health insurance – specifically, how insurance companies are evil
  8. Dysfunctional family members
  9. Underwear
  10. Hank Williams Jr

Things We Did

  1. Figured out how to turn a ball of pizza dough into a pizza
  2. Stayed up really, really late
  3. Found enough pillows in my closets to help the pregnant girls sleep semi-comfortably
  4. Tasted lots of things in Feast! while waiting for our sandwiches
  5. Visited Gearharts after grabbing our sandwiches
  6. Drove out to Veritas Vineyard for a picnic/baby shower (and saw a lovely wedding while there)
  7. Sat around my living room and talked
  8. Sat around my dining room table and talked
  9. Went back to the living room and talked
  10. Took our sweet, sweet time saying good-bye – waiting another year seems too long

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