Tranche de Vie

Tranche de Vie: 11 June 2011

Well, I’m a bit late posting this episode of tranche de vie, but I’ve been a bit busy writing the Disney posts and doing work-like things. But this was a fun day, and I remembered to actually take pictures, so this will be a good day of memories for me to look back on later.

Oh, how desperately I needed to sleep in on this Saturday: I had not slept in much for a few weekends, and I was not feeling 100% on top of that. This is when I finally rose from my bedchamber.
I had started to get a sore throat the night before, and it was a bit worse in the morning. So I had ice cream for breakfast. Yay!
But our bathrooms needed a good scrubbing since we had houseguests coming later in the day, so after my ice cream, I got up off the couch to scrub some tubs and toilets.
After my cleaning routine, I settled in with a book for a while to wait for our guests to arrive.
Also, my knee was a bit hurty (due to my couch to 5K activies, I'm guessing), so I smeared some Biofreeze on it for relief.
Dave whiled away the time with a little guitar ditty, which Miss Delia clearly enjoyed.
And then...the guests were here! My sister and niece came to visit. My niece brought her tiny pink guitar, which Dave tried to tune for her (while she plucked at his guitar, and Delia helped).
Then someone got me to take her down to our pool. She was trying to dive under the water to avoid the camera here.
It was to be a guitar-themed day, apparently. We got to play a little Rock Band, too.
We ended the evening at the Melting Pot to celebrate my sister's new job (which she just started yesterday). Melted cheese is the very best way to celebrate new jobs!

2 thoughts on “Tranche de Vie: 11 June 2011

  1. Melted cheese is a great way to celebrate ANYTHING! Well, perhaps not a diagnosis of lactose intolerance, but most anything else.

    Love the pictures, looks like a great time was had by all, human and canine!

    1. Probably not a diagnosis of heart disease either. 🙂 But then again, I would probably not be celebrating if I were diagnosed with lactose intolerance or heart disease!

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