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Smell the Love

Source: Flickr user Anita363

When I clambered out of my car, cranky and exhausted and ready for bed, at 12:30 am last Wednesday (after a 6:00 am wake-up, a day of conference attending, 4 hours in the Orlando airport, a flight to Richmond, and then a 1.25 hour drive home), I stopped in my tracks and breathed in deeply for about 2 minutes before I got my suitcase out of the car and headed up to the condo. Why? I stepped out of the car and the air was just laden with the scent of honeysuckle – which so happens to be one of my very favorite smells of all time. It made me instantly happy. All the crankiness and exhaustion and concern about getting my contacts out of my eyes just melted away.


We all have those scents that just hit us right, don’t we? The ones that bring back good memories or just make you happy. Honeysuckle is definitely one of mine. So is the sharp, musty smell of the basement in my grandparents’ house (that one brings back good memories, but I also just always liked that smell – I would go stand at the top of the stairs with the door open and just smell it for a second when I was a kid). Other favorite smells include vanilla, cinnamon, wood smoke, clean laundry, libraries, ink (like from a printing press – because my dad works on a press and that smell permeates all of his work clothes), pipe smoke, and vinegar. What are some of your favorite smells, and do you think there’s a reason you like them?


2 thoughts on “Smell the Love

  1. Oh, I always like it when I run across a quick sniff of honeysuckle when I’m out for a jaunt.

    The combo of bacon and coffee remind me of spending the night at my Grandma’s house when I was a kid, because she’d have the percolator going and they’d usually have bacon and eggs for breakfast.

    I love the smell of meat on the grill, because it’s usually followed up by EATING the meat from the grill. 🙂

    1. Oatmeal and coffee combo for me, for similar childhood memory reasons 🙂 And I’m uncommonly fond of the smell of toast, too. Breakfast foods are almost all good, really!

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