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Shake Things Up

I wish I got to walk on the beach every day! Source: Flickr user Mike Baird

I find that if I don’t change up my fitness and health routine with some regularity, I get bored and stop doing what I’m supposed to do and backslide and gain weight again. That’s where I am right now. A year ago, I was making great progress. Now, I’ve gained back some weight and feel unmotivated. I tried to get other people to walk with me regularly, but no one seems to want to walk as often as I do. I get about 2 walks a week, which is better than nothing, but not enough to help me lose weight.

I’ve always wanted to be the girl who worked out in the morning so that it was done and out of the way before the day really started – plus I never feel like exercising after working all day long; I’m just exhausted – but I’m not a morning person. At all. Getting up earlier than I already do is pretty much not going to happen for more than a week. A few weeks ago, I came up with a plan that would allow me to exercise for about 30-45 minutes in the morning without getting up any earlier. It was so simple, really, that I’m surprised I never thought of it before – I just had to do the things I least wanted to do first, in reverse order from what I least wanted to what I most wanted to do. So exercise first, then walk the dogs, then shower, then fix breakfast, THEN eat and have computer time. That way I don’t lollygag on the computer and run out of time to do everything else.

Anyway – I only had a few days to try it before I left town for 12 days for vacation and a conference, and on the second or third day I managed to give myself such a horrid blister that I couldn’t put on my walking shoes anymore the rest of the week. Heh. Well, now I’m all healed up and raring to try it again this week – with one caveat. I decided to up the ante even just a smidge more and try to burn MORE calories in that 30-45 minutes than I already was. Today, I did Day One of Week One of the Couch to 5K program (using an iPhone app built to help you do it). You can add tracks to the app playlist – I just added one track, a part of a book I’m listening to. The app plays your playlist, pauses it to tell you to warm up, run, walk, you’re halfway (which means turn around to me since I like to do this outside), cool down, etc. I also bought the GPS tracking thing with it because that tells me how far I went.

This morning was rough, I will admit. I can walk and have been actively walking for a while, but I am not a runner. Maybe this will help me become one, but I am not one yet. Jogging – even for just 60 second intervals – was not easy to begin with and was downright hard by the end. The last running stint, my legs felt like lead. I went earlyish – 8:00 am today, since it’s a holiday, but I’ll normally be going around 7:00 am – but it was still quite hot (we’re under a heat advisory starting at noon today until 8:00 pm tomorrow). I was sweaty, tired, out of breath, and red-faced when I finished…but I did finish. I did not cheat; I did not stop jogging before I heard the little beep and “Walk” command; I did not delay starting my jogging when I heard the beep and “Run” command. So, it sucked. But I did it, and hopefully it will be easier on Wednesday (I’ll do a straight walk tomorrow).

After I got back and talked to Dave about it, I think he’s going to come with me on my C25K days and follow my walking/jogging lead (he’ll just listen to his iPod separately and then do what I do when it comes to changing pace). He and I have never been good at working out together before, so this might be fun for us. Maybe we’ll even sign up to run a 5K together when we’re through!

How’s your fitness routine these days? Do you and your beloved or a friend work out regularly together? What do you like to do to stay in shape?


3 thoughts on “Shake Things Up

  1. When I moved back to Virginia from Texas I threw myself into exercise…and it worked. I lost 70 pounds in 4 months and felt GREAT. Then life happened..PhD rejections, job suckage, etc. and I ate my way back up 40 pounds. So, I am starting again…and will begin morning workouts. So, I feel your pain! = )

    If I move to C-ville I will walk with you…a lot. Because I am int he same boat here…I can find plenty of people who want to eat with me…but no one who wants to work out with me. Go figure!

    1. I did not lose 70 lbs. But I did lose almost 40, and I’ve gained back about 25. So I HEAR YOU! I’m reserving judgment on morning workouts until I can do it for at least a month – 2 weeks has been my max in the past, and I just do not trust myself when I’m tired and feeling lazy. But it does feel good to get it out of the way first thing, and it’s easier to do it now when it’s often sunny and warm (but not hot yet at 7:00 am) than when it’s cold and rainy.

      The place I like to meet other people to walk the very most is a park right down the street from that house listing I sent to you yesterday – would definitely be cool if you end up here!

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