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On Headaches

These haven't made it all go away, though they have dulled the pain somewhat. Source: Flickr user jeff_golden

Really, it should be titled, “On Headaches (and generally feeling sort of yucky).” I currently have a headache that is more than 24 hours old. Drugs have dulled it, but not ever gotten rid of it entirely. I find it altogether unfair to go to bed with a headache and wake up with the same headache. It’s unnatural. And yet it seems to happen to me at least once every couple of months.

In addition to the 24+ Hour Headache this week, I have had one bout of waking up in the middle of the night, feeling awful, and getting up to vomit. (This is highly unusual for me. I hate throwing up. I avoid it if at all humanly possible.) I have also had on-again, off-again queasy tummy. General fatigue and foggy brain. The headache. And this morning on my walk, I rubbed a blister on my heel the size of a small apple (I’m not exaggerating) that hurts like a b****. I’m going to hazard a guess that it all has something to do with eating too much rich food, trying to get crap done before we leave on vacation, and my combined excitement and nervousness over the fact that Friday is Dave’s last day at a “real” job working for someone else – after that, he will be a full-time freelancer (which I am so happy about, and somewhat nervous about at the same time). And there are ducks to get in a row for that, as well. So bad food and good stress is combining to make my stomach protest and my head hurt. Sound plausible? I hope so – if that’s what it is, at least I can look forward to it ending soon.


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