Oh but I wants a fox doll SOOO MUCH…

The fox doll, all prettied up with paints n' things.

I’ve told you guys about my favorite contemporary author before. She of the sassy tongue and mental breakdowns, modern master of Southern lit, Joshilyn Jackson. I gushed all about her when I reviewed her most recent book, Backseat Saints. Well. Backseat Saints is about to come out in paperback and she is doing celebratory dancing marketing dances and is giving away loot over at her blog, Faster Than Kudzu. AND. If she gets more than 100 entries, she is going to be giving away one of the few and highly coveted Nonny Frett fox dolls from her second book, Between, Georgia.

People. I have been plotting and scheming and entering contests for five whole actual years trying to get my hands on one of these. Now, mine (because it IS rightfully mine, don’t you dare say it isn’t) won’t be all pretty-painted like the one pictured here; this is Joss’s own personal one that she herself had painted by an ARTIST. Mine will be plain silvery pewtery metal-ish, and I am all good with that. But you have to help. You have to go enter the contest yourself so that we get up to 100 entries. And you might even win one of her awesome books, signed by the author, for your own self, so bonus to that. Please? I really, really want to get my fox…


3 thoughts on “Oh but I wants a fox doll SOOO MUCH…

  1. Ooooh I owe you! Thanks for letting me know about this!! I love that I found her and loed her and then found out you do too! I haven’t read Backseat Saints yet due to some “You don’t live in our snooty county so you can’t belongto our library anymore” action. Soon!

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