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Sunday Sundries: 17 April 2011

This is the first of these posts since 2 weeks ago – I had to skip a week because I found about 1 link to post as of last Sunday. I’m not doing a whole lot better today, but I’ve got a few, and that’s good enough for me!

  • Hooray! Barnes & Noble is finally accepting submissions for the Nook app store! FINALLY.
  • Probably no one who is not in Charlottesville cares about this one, but it’s really sad to me: The Tavern is planning to close at the end of the year. *SNIFF* Who will serve me amazing, cheap gingerbread pancakes now?!
  • Anger-inducing story of the week: a public school system in the Chicago area has decided to make a rule against kids bringing their lunches from home. The purported reason is that the school system made their lunches much healthier (a la Jamie Oliver) and kids started bringing meals from home more often, and they’re concerned kids are bringing less healthy lunches from home. WHAT-EVER. I don’t even care if their food really is healthier than the from-home lunches. I feel pretty strongly that a publicly funded institution has no business enforcing what parents can and cannot feed their kids. If I were a parent – particularly if my kid had a food allergy or some other special dietary need – I would be LIVID.
  • Zsa Zsa Gabor is 94 years old and planning to have another child. WHA?! Yeah, exactly. She’s still off her rocker, and apparently so is her husband. There are so many weird elements to this story: Zsa Zsa’s only child to date is 64 – and logically says that this plan “is just weird” – and Zsa Zsa’s husband is only 3 years older than her daughter and seems to be the one pushing the egg donor-artificial insemination-surrogate plan. Ugh.
  • Finally, probably of no interest to anyone but the self-employed, but the Freshbooks blog featured a cool infographic on paying taxes as a freelancer. Pretty interesting stuff…

Also, in a stroke of amazingly good luck this week, I won a Twitter contest! America’s Test Kitchen, which legitimately makes our favorite cookbooks that we use all the time, had a really simple contest where if you tweeted a message using the #AmericasTestKitchen hashtag, you’d be entered to win a year’s subscription to Cook’s Illustrated (their parent company). So I did, because that’s really easy, but I didn’t expect to actually win – surely hundreds, if not thousands, of their devoted Twitter followers would enter. And yet…I did win! It was a nice little pick-me-up on Friday morning. 🙂


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