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Tranche de Vie: 13 April 2011

Well, I’m a couple of days off on my tranche de vie pictures this month. I really did start to take pictures on the 11th! I got this far:

We cut one of the toenails of the Littlest Monkey too deeply the night before, and it was STILL bleeding the next morning, so I ran out to the drugstore before work for some blood-stopping supplies.

But then…well, I forgot to take any more pictures that day. And I felt blah and uninspired anyway. And I forgot to even TRY to take pictures on the 12th. So the rest of your glimpse into my daily life took place on 13 April 2011.

I got Delia snuggles before work.
It stormed the day before and rained all night. They were calling for more rain all day, so I was surprised to wake up to such a gorgeous morning.
The outfit of the day: grey t-shirt, blue cardigan, pretty necklace, and of course jeans!
Had a conference call at work and took notes with actual pen and paper (*gasp!*).
We brought back a lovely piece of pottery from San Antonio to display in the office, and I took a picture of it to tweet on our business Twitter account.
In trying to promote Green Ink Edits, I stumbled across a pretty great Facebook marketing opportunity and took full advantage of it, though it took (and continues to take) a little time.
We went to our usual Mexican place down the street for dinner and sat in the booth we always seem to get, beside a picture I always like when we sit there.
We also had to order groceries by midnight so we could pick them up the next day. This involves meal planning and checking the pantry and fridge to see what ingredients we already have and what we need to buy.

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