Tranche de Vie

Tranche de Vie: 11 March 2011

My latest tranche de vie is over a week old – sorry about that, busyness and whatnot. It was a work day, not very interesting, but here are the photos for you anyway!

View first thing in the morning: newly filled fruit bowl, my growing herbs, two bottles of wine for a dinner we were going to the next night.
My outfit for the day: favorite cardigan, nerdy t-shirt, jeans (always jeans).
The excitement the monkeys show right before I leave for work. Can't you tell how much they'll miss me?
Leftover Chinese for lunch, properly marked with my initials for storage in the office fridge. Cashew chicken, if you must know.
Went for a Cville Walks! outing after lunch - it was a gorgeous day for a walk!
The last night I'd be leaving work at dusk for a while, since Daylight Savings Time started over the weekend after this.
When I got home, I was surprised to find spring had happened all of a sudden while I was at work!
The next morning, my BFF and I were doing a 4K walk, so I went to pick up our t-shirts and numbers the night before. And yes, laid them on the table next to the remnants of the Chinese dinner we'd had 2 nights ago, complete with the stained tablecloth I hadn't taken off to wash yet.
David wanted to try a new drink out, inspired by reading The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter with the Bookhouse Boys Podcast. The drink was called a Lone Wolf, and it involved these three plus some lemon juice. Pretty tasty, actually, but very potent - two was enough for me!
The finished product: a Lone Wolf.
The beginning of dinner, a simple salad with my favorite salad dressing. We also had some frozen pizza.
We spent our Friday eating pizza, trying a new drink, and watching the 3rd movie in the Bourne trilogy. Not bad for a Friday night in!

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