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Takin’ It Easy + Monday Miscellany: 14 March 2011

Wow, so I’ve been away for a week now! Did you miss me? 🙂 Last week was super, crazy busy. Husband was sick, work was (and still is) hectic, had several visits over the course of the week, and my final project for my online class was due on Sunday. So I took the week off.  And to be honest, I’ll probably post kind of erratically for the rest of the month.  I’ll post when I have time and/or feel like it – it’s just going to continue to be a crazy month.  Plus, I’m increasingly upset by the Japan earthquake/tsunami.  I think we have no idea how terrible a disaster it is yet, and every new bit of news is very upsetting.  Anything I may have to say about the world just seems so trivial right now.  I’ll get back on track in April with the regular posts, after work calms down and my brain calms down.

For tonight, though, I can’t leave you without some of my favorite interweb posts from the last week – enjoy!


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