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Sunday Sundries: 6 March 2011

Busy week in a busy month, but I still found some internet gems for you!

Now, on a sort of internet-related note but not really a link. We signed up for a free trial of HuluPlus for 2 weeks. We use Hulu (regular, non-paid version) a lot, and I got a referral link that would give us 2 free links instead of just 1. And – full confession time – I had just finished up all the past seasons of Brothers & Sisters on Netflix and couldn’t access the first 10 episodes of the current season without HuluPlus (regular Hulu only gives you the most recent 5 episodes). Season 4 ended on a major cliffhanger and I really, really wanted to see the first episode of season 5, so…free trial of HuluPlus. There we go.

Now that I’ve confessed my desperate reasons for signing up, I have to admit: I’m underwhelmed. If I let this trial expire without canceling, I’ll be paying $8 a month for this service. The perks? Well, more episodes of TV and more movies are available, which is sort of nice, but the selection isn’t amazingly great. It is in HD…but playing it using the HD setting makes the playback really jerky on our computer, so that’s not worth it to me either. And that’s pretty much it. It might be worth it if there were no commercials – I mean, for a paid service, I expect it to be commercial-free. But no, the paid advertising is right there 5 times in the middle of every hour-long episode. So far, I have seen no reason not to cancel this service before my free trial ends. I’ll catch up on my show and then cancel. Am I missing anything? Has anyone got another reason I should pay for it that I’m missing?


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