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Comics You May Love (Despite Yourself): Proof

Today I’d like to share one of my favorite ongoing comic book series, Proof by Alexander Grecian and Riley Rossmo. John Prufrock (AKA Proof) is a federal agent for an agency you’ve never heard of before. He works for a government organization known only as The Lodge. The purpose of The Lodge is to find and provide a safe home for creatures of legend (which are not strictly mythical, it seems). There are some creatures that the world at large believes to be extinct, like dinosaurs, and an awful lot of creatures that most of the world doesn’t really believe exist, like fairies. Oh yeah – did I forget to mention that Proof himself is a sasquatch?

The first major story in Proof revolves around a chupacabra, hence the title of the first collection, “Goatsucker.” But there’s a lot more going on than just Proof and his pals looking for a human-killing chupacabra making its way across Mexico and into the U.S. There’s the establishment of The Lodge as an entity: what it does, what kind of people work for The Lodge, what kind of creatures live in their sanctuary, and how they keep the most dangerous creatures from killing anything or anyone. There’s also a lot of character development of Proof, his agent pals Ginger and Elvis, and certain of the more important cryptids like the fairies and the Dover Demon. A few potential series-long bad guys are introduced. And we see some flashes of Proof’s long and complicated history, a highly intelligent and refined sasquatch trying to get by without notice in the human world. On the surface, this first story is about finding the chupacabra and bringing it to live at The Lodge, where it can live out its days without harming anyone else (which tells you something really important about the mission of The Lodge). Underneath this story, though, are the seeds of a much larger and more significant plot that is developed in later books.

And the artwork – oh, the artwork. It’s a very realistic style with muted colors. It’s lovely. I’d recommend Proof particularly for lovers of the early seasons of the TV show The X-Files – it has a lot of similarities in topic. But I’d also recommend the book for any lover of mythology and science – Proof combines the two in a compelling and interesting story.


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