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Deserted Island Post

Source: Flickr user Sarah McCracken

Tired tonight and looking for a short post to write, so I’m going to do the tried-and-true – and okay, probably trite – deserted island post. So these are the 10 things I would want with me were I stranded on an island:

  • Hairbrush
  • Hair elastics (my hair will go out of control; I need a brush and elastics to tame it!)
  • Frying pan (easier to cook whatever the island provides over an open fire)
  • Good solid bucket (for collecting rain water, carrying stuff around, whatever)
  • Big ball of sturdy twine
  • Swiss Army knife or other multi-tool
  • Dansko sandals
  • iPhone/iPod Touch (would give me access to games, books downloaded to my phone, and various other entertainment options)
  • Solar charger for said iPhone/iPod Touch (because otherwise it won’t work, right?)
  • My husband (maybe you think this is cheating, because it’s supposedly understood, or something, that it’s about being alone on the island, but I didn’t set those rules up for myself :))

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