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Sunday Sundries: 27 February 2011

Apparently there are some big movie awards tonight or something? Twitter and Facebook tell me it’s all quite a big deal and that you can even watch it on TV from your house. Er, yay? I haven’t watched the Academy Awards in many, many years. The last time I watched them, they went over their allotted time by two whole hours, meaning I was exhausted by the time they ended at 1:00 am, and they were unbearably boring to boot. I much prefer to just check the internet the next day to see the pretty gowns the stars wore and who won the major award categories. Not that it matters too much because I haven’t seen any of the nominated movies, I don’t think.

If you’re excited about tonight’s festivities, though – and I definitely have friends who are – hooray for you! I’m glad you get to have some fun tonight! While you wait for it all to get going, I have a precious few links for you to peruse from the last week of my internet browsing.


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