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Sunday Mundries…Er, Monday Sundries (or something)

Whew! Last week was…interesting. A lot of Unexpected Things happened in a very short amount of time…I was flying to California with 2 days’ notice; I wasn’t flying to California with 1 day’s notice; I was assembling Board information packets for a Board I know little about; I was answering lots of questions on things I knew nothing about; my husband had work issues with the potential to impact our lives; I had to buy birthday and baby presents…add to all that Valentine’s Day, a hectic and slightly worrisome Saturday morning, a trip to my parents’ for a birthday and a baby shower, and all that happened just IN THE WORLD last week, and I felt walloped – though at least walloped with gorgeous, unseasonable weather. Here’s hoping for a calmer week this time around! And here are the boatload of links I noted to myself in the past 8 days or so:

  • Some scientists think we have a really big ol’ planet, 4 times the size of Jupiter, hiding in our solar system. Weird. Wonder if they’re right?!
  • Added to the RSS reader a new webcomic with the best name ever: Battlepug!
  • My dream: a house with all the walls made of bookshelves.
  • Great post from my friend Jenny, a devout Christian, on Ten Things Christians Don’t Need to Believe.
  • Amazing, snarky website about pregnancy and parenthood (with a book coming out soon)! Selected specifically for my preggers friend Erin.
  • Super-cool real-life playable Angry Birds birthday cake.
  • The Husband is in a new podcast – about books instead of movies this time. Three dudes, discussing literature and other stuff – not in a stuffy, English professor way, but in a casual and often sarcastic way. Lit nerds, hie thee hence.
  • Two articles/blog posts (here and here) that express my feelings perfectly for why cutting funding to Planned Parenthood is a bad idea.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Mundries…Er, Monday Sundries (or something)

  1. When you say that your husband has work issues that could impact your lives, do you mean you’ll be renting your condo, and telecommuting from Richmond? Surely that’s what you mean.

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