Tranche de Vie

Tranche de Vie: 11 February 2011

Not my most interesting day. But the point of this series is not to be interesting, necessarily – that’s why I picked the same day every month to do this, to truly show a slice of my life at regular intervals. I just hope these aren’t too boring for everyone else…and if they are, I’m sure I’ll gain some personal satisfaction from looking back at them in 10 years, at least! 🙂

Taking the dogs out for their morning walk. I love in this picture the way the frost on the picnic table is all sparkly, and the green green grass under the table that didn't get hit by the frost.
I had to stop on my way to work and mail a few Valentines for my family. The big one is for my niece.
We had some important people in the office this day, so I dried my hair after my shower - something I almost NEVER do. It's definitely a momentous occasion when it happens!
Self-portrait, in my office, with my blown-dry hair.
Noticed these odd scenes on our conference table. Learned later that they were gifts from our Australian guest - Australian candy, hugging koalas, schwag from the Cancer Council he works for...
I blew my hair dry, wore dress pants and fancy shoes for our visitors...and was thoroughly delighted to kick off my cute-but-painful shoes when I got home. But they are SO pretty, right?!
And we made it pizza night, one of my favorite things!
Pretty typical of my monkeys - Delia in my face, McNulty asleep off in the distance, while I try to watch TV.
At bedtime, I always curl up with a book before sleep.

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