Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: 11 February 2011

Oh, I’m dying for warm weather and porch swinging. It is supposed to be warmer this weekend, thank GOD. But tonight, the forecast is, literally, “clear and frigid.” BOOO. So I picked a picture of warmer days, a day when people were willing to sit outside on a porch without jackets. This particular swing was on the back porch of my Granny’s house (that would be my great-grandmother, my maternal grandma’s mom). We used to drive 45 minutes each way go to Granny’s at least one Sunday a month (or even more often) for lunch with my entire extended family – all my grandma’s sisters and their husbands and kids and grandkids. They were happy times, and I am so grateful that I had those experiences growing up, that I knew (and still know) so much of my family. That handsome man sitting next to me on the swing is my Papa. I probably followed him outside because I adored my Papa – and I allow myself to remember that the feeling was mutual. I’m guessing that he probably went outside for a little silence – five sisters and their mostly grown girl children can make some racket. 🙂


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