Blah Blah Blah

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

These are my Manolos! Well, not mine, but these are identical to mine. Pretty pretties!

Want to know the great tragedy of my life? I adore and worship shoes, but I can’t wear most of them. To me, shoes are like art – beautiful, wearable (and for me, painful) art. David bought me a pair of Manolos for my birthday many years ago when we were dating and it was pretty much the best indication ever that he loved me. He picked them out all by himself and he was terrified that he’d picked bad ones or something – he was so nervous. It was adorable.

Unfortunately, my feet are horridly awful. I have bunions and extremely flat feet and short Achilles’ tendons. Wearing those beautiful Manolos makes my feet swell to twice their size and I can barely walk the next day. And I can’t wear them for much more than walking from the house to the car, car to restaurant, and then back again – in other words, mostly sitting. But I will not ever get rid of these shoes. I love them. They are gorgeous. I don’t really need to wear them. Maybe I should frame them somehow; I’d be happy just to look at them.

Rock 'n roll socially responsible boots!

Since I can’t wear the fancy shoes, I mostly wear Danskos, which work. And my new shoe crushes are much more sedate. I have a shoe crush on TOMS because I like their social conscience (in case you’re not familiar with TOMS, they donate a pair of shoes to a person in a low-income country for every pair you buy from them for yourself). Unfortunately, I don’t love the way most of their shoes look, but I do like these and these (which I recognized on the girl bassist in the Astronomers the other night at the concert). How about you guys? Do you have shoe crushes? Are you so sad for me because my feet are perpetually borked up?


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