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Progressive Illness

This has been the weirdest bout of sickness I think I’ve ever experienced. Last Monday, I felt a sort of general malaise with a touch of sore throat. Tuesday I felt fine, but then I got a headache that wouldn’t go away. Tuesday night I woke up feeling bad, took my temperature, which was low – 97.5. Wednesday morning I woke up feeling generally terrible – still a headache, my back very ache-y, and a temperature of over 100. I felt even worse by the end of the day. Thursday my fever and aches were gone, my headache remained, and my throat started to hurt. Friday, my throat hurt quite a bit; Saturday, my throat felt a bit better but I’d started coughing; Sunday, my throat felt fine but my cough was ripping my chest open. Sunday night I started sneezing and my nose started running, and then today, Monday, I have some coughing (but not as much or as painful) and an intensly runny nose with tingles that threaten sneezes at all times but I’m not actually sneezing very much.  This is by far the weirdest sickness I think I’ve ever had. New day, new symptom – woo-hoo! Have you ever experienced anything like this? I definitely have not, and it strikes me as really odd…


One thought on “Progressive Illness

  1. There’s some crazy stuff going around. Something awful is tearing it’s way through the Middle School population. I hope you’re much better by Saturday (and that Dave hasn’t caught whatever it is that you have).

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