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Sick Day: Pros and Cons

Sick nest.

As I type this, it is Wednesday and I am home sick.  From the way I feel, it seems unlikely that I will be at work on Thursday, either.  Being sick sucks.  But hey, it’s not all bad!


  • A day off from work. Face it, we all need a break sometimes.
  • TV catch-up. There’s something lovely about spending the day watching season 1 of Brothers & Sisters on Netflix streaming.
  • Pampering. D. shut the dogs out of the bedroom so I could sleep in and took them on their morning walk, normally my job. He’s a sweet husband.
  • Mid-day bath. More particularly, mid-day bath for no reason – I didn’t really care about being clean, just wanted the soaking time.
  • Snuggle puppies. Both munchkins know there’s something weird going on, and they keep trying to snuggle me and console me.


  • Being sick. ‘Cuz it sucks. Headache. Back ache. Sore throat. Stuffy head. Fever. Ugh.
  • Guilt. I know I said having a day off work is nice sometimes, and it is, but when you like your job and your co-workers (and you’re me), you feel guilty about everyone else being at work while you’re laying on your couch in your PJs watching TV.
  • Feeling so lazy. OK, I am the queen of lazy, of celebrating a good lazy Sunday or whatever. But not feeling like you have the option to do anything because you’re so sick and exhausted, that sucks. You’re bored but don’t want to do anything (hence the TV marathon). I don’t want to read, don’t want to work, don’t want to talk, don’t even want to eat. Writing this post is about to send me to bed.

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