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Comics You May Love (Despite Yourself): Echo

Not my best writing sample below, but I am dead tired, stuffy, and have a headache that won’t go away.  You’ll get the idea of what I’m trying to say, I think, and I hope you can forgive my crappy writing for a day!

Terry Moore is a genius.  He can write cute, funny, serious, sexy, hard-boiled, science, science-fiction, romantic, mobster – sometimes all in the same story, and he draws ’em too!  He wrote one of my all-time favorite comic series, Strangers in Paradise (which I’ll describe another time).  His current series, the one still being released in single issues, is Echo.

Echo is mostly about Julie, at least at the beginning.  She’s the one on the cover of each issue and all the trade paperbacks that collect multiple issues into one.  Julie is out in the desert taking photographs when she sees an explosion, which the reader knows is actually a person, Annie, in a sort of flight suit that combusts.  Something starts raining on Julie.  Eventually, it all collects together to form a sort of metal breastplate on her, which she cannot remove, and which seems to mysteriously be interested in protecting her from anyone trying to hurt her.  She has no idea what is going on or what the metal is, but she wants to find out and she wants it OFF of her.

In her journey to find out just what the heck is going on, Julie has to dodge the government and a mega-scientific corporation who want the mysterious metal back and Julie shut up.  She also has some weird guy who also seems to have some of this metal on him chasing her around and trying to duel with her or something.  She somehow or other teams up with Annie’s boyfriend, a park ranger named Dillon, a government agent, Ivy, who is initially sent to catch her and who ends up trying to help her when she suspects the government is being shady, and a whole bizarre cast of other characters who face off against the government, big business, and a crazy guy with lightning powers in order to help her continue her search for the truth.  The metal also starts to affect Julie…and Ivy…in ways they don’t understand.

It’s all very interesting and weird and exciting, and the characters talk and behave like normal people, which is probably why they’re so likeable.  I adore Terry Moore’s art style, am awed by his creativity and story-telling abilities, and love that he likes to make women the heroes of his books.  Echo is a fantastic book for anyone to pick up, but especially sci-fi fans.


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