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Sunday Sundries: 30 January 2011

So, I’ve decided to move Monday Miscellany to Sunday and rename it Sunday Sundries.  This post honestly takes me the least time to put together all week, and this will give YOU more posts and give ME more days to write about other stuff.  Plus you probably have more time to click through to the links on a lazy Sunday than a manic Monday.  So without further ado, welcome to your first Sunday Sundries!

I don’t have much to share this week, and from here on out I will be both sharing things as I find them on Twitter (feed now located in the right sidebar under the blog archives, follow @scorpstar77 if you are Twitterish) and then also sharing them here once a week for those who prefer that method.  So these have all been tweeted this week, but are also collected here for posterity and convenience.  Because I am just that kind of organized.

  • You know those 404 Error Page Does Not Exist messages you get sometimes on teh interwebs?  And you know how some websites go out of their way to make their 404 error pages funny or adorabe?  Yeah, well, Mashable’s collected some of the best examples.  I want one!
  • As though frozen pizza could get much worse for you health-wise, Digiorno decided that now you can get your frozen pizza with chocolate chip cookies or “wyngz” – mmmm…cardiac arrest is tasty…
  • And in news of the creepy, Virginia is considering state-mandated castration for violent sexual offenders. Now, I do not want to be raped or anything, but I also hesitate to give the bumble-heads in our government the power to kill or castrate anyone. What happens when this inevitably occurs: “Oops, you were innocent and we castrated you” or “Oops, clerical error, we castrated the wrong person”?
  • I’m going to do an in-depth discussion of this in a separate post, I think, but if you travel often and are frustrated with packing and checking bags, I highly recommend you check out  I think it changed my life this week.
  • Finally, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell all of your Charlottesvillian fitness-oriented pals about the new walking group I’m trying to get started!

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