Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday

Today, I’m flashing back just to this morning.  It snowed again this morning, the first magical snow I’ve seen this winter, and probably the only one I’ll see until next year.  Do you know what I mean by magical snow?  It’s a rare thing for me to experience (I hate cold, I hate wet, I especially hate cold and wet, so I don’t often enjoy snow), but it’s very personal so maybe you experience it with every snow.  It’s more of a feeling than anything else; I usually get it with the first snow of the winter, but it didn’t hit me this winter until today – probably because the first snow we got was ugly and relentless, and it lost its shine for a while after that.

Anyway.  Back to the magic.  I was walking the dogs, and everything was so snow-quiet, and the flakes were tumbling down from the sky, and I didn’t want to go inside.  I didn’t want to go get ready for work and clean off my car and go in.  I wanted to stay outside and be in the snow, watching it fall, soaking in that unique silence, basking in that soft white, until it stopped snowing.  Magical snow always makes you believe simultaneously in peace and possibility…and a little bit of magic.

I was a responsible grown-up and took my dogs back into the house…but I could not resist grabbing my phone and running back outside to snap this picture of the snow on our holly bushes.  I just wish I could take a picture of that feeling.


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